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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, beton bondelingsaanleg, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

concrete batch plant

The dust removal equipment of concrete batch plant

To a concrete batch plant during working, when the cement silo is transporting cement, or when the aggregate and cement are going to mixing in the concrete mixer, there will have large amount of dust to be produced. All the dust and waste air will cause pollution to the around environment. The dust removable equipment is used for collect the

asphalt batch mixing plant

Preparation of asphalt batch mixing plant before starting

Asphalt batch mixing plant is the most important equipment in pavement construction. If we want to improve the efficiency of asphalt mixing plant, we must do some work before starting the equipment, which can save more time, labor and cost during processing. Preparation before working is the basic of normal operation, and it is an essential part of producing qualified

concrete pump truck

How to improve the efficiency of concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck must be one of the most used concrete equipment in the construction project. Due to the quality of the concrete for pumping and the construction environment, the efficiency of concrete pump truck will be lower than theory capacity. To improve the efficiency is the best method of saving time and cost, high efficiency has a lot of benefit

How to lay the pipeline of trailer concrete pump

How to lay the pipeline of trailer concrete pump

Trailer concrete pump is one of the most popular commercial concrete pump equipment of construction site. Because of the application range is wide, the price is reasonable, so trailer concrete pump is welcomed by construction company. However, there are limitation also, such as laying of pipelines. How to lay the pipeline of trailer concrete pump? What are the notes we

Operasie notas van JS betonmenger

Operasie notas van JS betonmenger

JS concrete mixer is a famous concrete machine series, the typical model is JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000. During the operation process of JS concrete mixer, the operator should be in accordance with the guidelines. In the mixing process. JS concrete mixer operators should comply with the following points: 1, feeding according to the technical parameters, each time

mobile concrete batching plant

Hoe om te meng stelsel van mobiele beton bondelingsaanleg handhaaf

Mixing system is the core part of the whole mobile concrete batching plant, and its performance directly affects the production efficiency and the quality of the end concrete. So the correct and regular maintenance is extremely important. How can we maintain the mixing system of mobile concrete batching plant correctly? I think we Haomei Machinery can give you some suggestions! …

beton bondelingsaanleg

In stand te hou elektriese beheer stelsel van beton bondelingsaanleg

The electric control system of concrete batching plant is regards as the core of the whole equipment. Only a small problem can result to the machine stop running and delay the construction period. So the maintenance of electric control system is the key of concrete batching plant maintenance! Generally, there are 5 aspects. 1, lightning protection and grounding. The lightning

asphalt mixing plant for sale

Mengsel gradering beheer van asfalt vermenging plant te koop

The mixture gradation control of asphalt mixing plant for sale directly affects the performance of the asphalt road. If the gradation of the mixture is unreasonable, the pavement will have voids too big or too small, permeable, rut and other problems, shorten the service life of the road and seriously affect the quality of the project. So the control of the mixture gradation is also one

concrete mixer for sale

Die struktuur samestelling van betonmenger te koop

The structure composition of concrete mixer for sale can be divided into three parts: feeding system, mixing system and discharge system. Let HAOMEI Machinery introduce them to you one by one. The feeding system composed by the hoisting mechanism, feeding rack, hopper, feed mouth and other components. Upon the loading frame is equipped with a limit switch, the upper limit

mobile concrete batching plant

Haomei YHZS series mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile concrete batching plant is a concrete production equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control system of the concrete mixing plant with a concrete trailing unit. When it comes to the course of action, operation, maintenance and repair, they are all the same as stationary concrete batching plant. At the same time the

Introduction of YHZS60 mobile concrete batch plant

Introduction of YHZS60 mobile concrete batch plant

YHZS60 mobile concrete batch plant is a concrete mixing equipment developed by Haomei machinery with years experience, from the user needs point of view, we using superb design technology and advanced imported original design. YHZS60 concrete batching plant is composed by the incharge, ingredients, mixing, electrical control and other systems, the concrete batch plant is suitable for small and medium-sized construction

Introduction of Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant

Introduction of Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant

Haomei HZS series stationary concrete batching plant is a mandatory, efficient equipment, can produce plastic, dry hard concrete and other concrete, HZS series stationary concrete batching plant has high production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road and bridge construction and production of concrete products in the prefabricated plant, it is the ideal equipment for the production of

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