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What is the difference between concrete mixers and concrete batching plants

April 6, 2017

People who have learned about concrete mixer should know that concrete mixers for sale are usually JZC, JZM, JDC, JS series, and it can be used alone. The concrete mixers can also be together with the concrete mixing plant equipment to became the concrete batching plants. Then what is the difference between the concrete mixers and concrete batching plants? Haomei can give few points that you may observe.concrete mixers for sale

The fees of a concrete batching plant is higher than a concrete mixer. The production efficiency of the concrete batching plant is higher than the concrete mixer works alone. The concrete batching plant has a high degree of automation, generally belong to automatic mode of operation, the concrete batching plant has high quality of mixing concrete. Although the mixing quality of the concrete batching plant mixing is better than the concrete mixer works alone usually, but the concrete mixing of the concrete mixer for sale is accurate with high precision. The concrete batching plants are suitable for big and medium-sized construction projects,such as building, bridge, road engineering projects. Concrete mixer is the host of concrete batching station, it can operate separately, it can also together with PLD batching machine, screw conveyor, сілас цэменту, and other concrete mixing plant equipment to became the concrete batching station.

The concrete mixers for sale and concrete batching plant are belong to the mixing machine,they have their different application field, the users can choose the proper concrete mixing equipment according to their own needs. Haomei machinery equipment have a lot of various professional superb products about the concrete mixers,JS500,JS750,JS1000,JS1500,JS2000,JS3000,JS4000,JZC500,JZC350 and so on. With high quality concrete in short time,the concrete mixer can show high productivity. Using JS500 as an example,there are many advantages, excellent mixing performance,wear-resisting lining board,shaft-end sealing technology,multiple protection devices,and heavy-duty design,easy to operate and low noise. The most important thing is we have the reasonable price with high quality. If you are interest in the concrete mixer or the concrete batching plant,you can get in touch with our sales manager to gain the technical information and specification.

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