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Cement Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

November 2, 2021

Many operators of cement concrete batching plant tend to ignore the cleaning and maintenance of concrete mixing plants after work. But we all know that daily maintenance is very helpful to extend the use time of the concrete batching plant.

cement concrete batching plant

1, After stopping, check the concrete mixing plant, mixing blades and liner for wear, check the equipment parts or need to be updated or the lubrication of the contact surface, and check whether the screws at the connection position are loose.

2, Check the surface of the conveyor belt of the cement concrete batching plant. If there is peeling or breakage, it needs to be replaced. If the equipment is disabled, the hopper and the hopper cannot save material. Before starting again, the cement silo must be cleaned from moisture to avoid hardening and solidification of the cement.

3, Determine the required equipment and close the closed place after the work.

4, When it is determined that the above work has been completed, the operators of the concrete batching plant have completed the simple maintenance of the cement batching plant. In this way, it can be well ensured that the concrete mixing plant will not have frequent failures and other problems when it is in use.


Simple repair of cement concrete batching plant to get the guarantee of how to withstand long-term use of high efficiency, does not affect the service life of the equipment, the downtime of daily commuting equipment, a simple inspection and maintenance to ensure that all parts of the equipment are is normal. Because it is a simple routine maintenance, of course it needs to be done as much as a major inspection and major maintenance, but even simple maintenance, you must be careful and serious. When the work of the concrete batching plant is finished, shut down the order according to the normal production specifications to ensure that it is correct.

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