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concrete mixer for sale

egitura salgai nahasgailu hormigoizko konposizioa

The structure composition of concrete mixer for sale can be divided into three parts: feeding system, mixing system and discharge system. Let HAOMEI Machinery introduce them to you one by one. The feeding system composed by the hoisting mechanism, feeding rack, hopper, feed mouth and other components. Upon the loading frame is equipped with a limit switch, the upper limit

JS2000 concrete mixer

Introduction of JS2000 concrete mixer

JS2000 concrete mixer is composed by feeding, stirring, discharge, water supply, electric parts, it has advantages as stir well, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable running, convenient operation, short mixing cycle time, JS2000 concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized prefabricated file and roads, bridges, water conservancy, port, wharf and other industrial or civil engineering construction department. …

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