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Movable Concrete Plant Business

November 9, 2021

The movable concrete plant is also named as mobile concrete plant and portable concrete plant, it is more flexible. With a set of movable concrete batching plant, you not only can externally sell concrete, but also can be used to produce concrete and other concrete precast products by adding other equipment. The most outstanding advantage is that the mobile concrete plant is convenient to install and move to other construction sites.

movable concrete plant

Then, how to start the movable concrete plant business?

First, find the target market and customers. If you can find customers before purchasing the mobile concrete plant equipment, your business will be 80% successful.

Second, find a place to start business, an open space for installing equipment and placing raw materials. The size of the site is positively related to the scale of the mobile concrete batching plant. In order to better develop business, we recommend preparing a land of more than 2,000 square meters for the mobile mixing plant. In some countries and regions, you need to apply for administrative permits for the premises for conducting business.

Third, looking for high-quality movable concrete batching plant suppliers, you need to buy a mobile concrete mixing plant. The optional equipment includes concrete mixing tank trucks, concrete pumps and so on. Equipment suppliers generally come from Europe or China. European equipment is of good quality, but the price is relatively expensive. Chinese equipment has the quality not inferior to Europe, but the price is very competitive. Chinese equipment is the first choice of many developing countries.

Fourth, look for high-quality suppliers of raw materials, including cement, sand and gravel aggregates, additives, etc. For small concrete businesses, we recommend that you buy these raw materials from other suppliers instead of producing them. The procurement of raw materials is a long-term investment, and finding a supplier with high quality and low price is essential to reduce the long-term operating cost of the movable concrete plant.

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