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Simple Concrete Batching Plant

October 20, 2022

Simple concrete batching plant is a concrete mixing equipment for rural areas developed by HAOMEI Machinery after careful research. The simple type concrete batching plant covers a small area, is easy to install and transfer, simple in configuration and low in investment cost. Simple concrete batching plant is a powerful helper for our customers.

simple concrete batching plant

At present, the construction of new rural areas requires a large amount of concrete. Now all towns and villages are vying for market opportunities. The investment in simple concrete batching plant has a good prospect, the competition is not fierce, and the profits are more lucrative. The use of concrete batching plants has many advantages, such as environmental protection, energy saving, low noise, less dust, proper sewage treatment, and high concrete utilization. Another key point is that the investment is small and the return is fast. Although the simple concrete batching plant occupies a small area and the production efficiency is not very high, it is also necessary to be careful when building a small concrete batching plant, and pay attention to these problems.


When making foundations of simple concrete batching plant, it is necessary to measure the land carefully and carefully. Do your best to be accurate. If done so-so. When the small concrete batching plant is established, you will find that the construction of the small concrete batching plant is not reliable. There are also problems with getting in and out of the car. This can only be used in the future. It is also impossible to say that the small concrete batching plant will be rebuilt and the investment will be greater.


When building a cement silo for a simple concrete batching plant, the screw and weighing must be firmly fixed. It is also common for the screw and weighing on the construction site to fall off. If there are people below, it will cause personal injury. When working in the mixing station, pay attention that no one is allowed to move under the mixing station. There will be some rocks or something. Dangerous situations can easily occur if there are people below. Before the machine runs, grease the joints in advance to keep the machine moving.

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