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Mixing Time of Twin Shaft Mixer Concrete

November 26, 2021

The mixing quality of the twin shaft mixer concrete is not only related to the raw materials and equipment, but also closely related to the mixing time. The length of mixing time of twin shaft concrete mixer directly affects the production efficiency of concrete and the mixing quality of concrete. Setting the mixing time too long will reduce production efficiency and waste time. If the mixing time is too short, it will cause uneven mixing of concrete. So how long should the mixing time of the concrete mixer be set?

twin shaft mixer concrete

1, The mixing time of the twin shaft mixer concrete refers to the time from the completion of loading to the beginning of unloading, which can be determined according to the slump of the mixture and the capacity of the concrete mixer. The main factors affecting the mixing time of concrete are the workability of concrete, the mixing strength and strength of the mixer, and the slump.

2, The purpose of the twin shaft concrete mixer is to mix concrete materials evenly. The forced concrete mixer is one of the concrete mixers with higher mixing efficiency and better mixing quality. Its mixing strength is high and the mixing speed is fast.

3, Different concrete mixers have different working principles, different mixing strengths, and different mixing times. The mixing time of some small concrete mixers is 1-2 minutes, and the mixing time of the forced concrete mixer should be about 3 minutes when the stone-coated method is used. Shorter, the mixing time of JDC concrete mixer is generally about 30s, and the mixing time of JS concrete mixer is generally about 60-70s. Of course this is just the mixing time under normal conditions. For the concrete with small slump, admixtures, and fine sand concrete, the mixing time can be extended according to the actual situation.

4, The water content of the mixed materials such as gravel and sand in the concrete also affects the mixing time of the twin shaft mixer concrete to a certain extent. The material is dry in summer. It is recommended that the mixing time be set longer. The material has a water absorption process. The material is wet and can be relatively short.

5, As for the longer mixing time, it is recommended that the user can use different mixing time for trial configuration.

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