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750L Concrete Mixer

June 17, 2024

750l concrete mixer is a kind of commonly used concrete mixing equipment, in JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, its corresponding model is JS750.

750l concrete mixer

The following is the detailed introduction about 750 liter concrete mixer:

1. Volume:

The mixing volume of JS750 concrete mixer is 750 liters, which usually can mix out about 0.75 cubic meters of concrete at one time.

  • Size:

The size of 750l concrete mixer is usually about 4300mm x 2250mm x 6480mm, the specific size may vary, you can confirm according to the specific model.

3. Configuration:

750 liter concrete mixer usually consists of mixing main machine, feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, lubrication system, electrical control system and other parts. The mixing machine is composed of mixer, mixing motor, reducer, etc., with high efficiency mixing ability. The feeding mechanism is responsible for conveying materials to the mixing machine for mixing, and the unloading mechanism is used to unload the mixed concrete. The lubrication system is used to ensure the lubrication and operation of the equipment, and the electrical control system is used to control the functions of the equipment.

Mixing motor:

-Model: Y200L-4

-Power: 30KW

Winch motor:

-Model: YEZ132M-4-B5

-Power: 7.5KW

Water pump motor:

-Model: 65DWB35-8A

-Power: 1.1KW

Mixing blade:

-Speed: 31r/min

-Quantity: 2×7

Hopper lifting speed: 18m/min

4. Advantages:

– Good mixing effect: JS750 concrete mixer has good mixing effect, high uniformity of concrete and stable quality.

– High production efficiency: fast mixing speed, high production efficiency, suitable for small and medium-sized concrete mixing projects.

– Sturdy and durable structure: the equipment has a sturdy structure, long service life, and can withstand frequent workloads.

– Easy operation: the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, easy to control and manage.

– Wide range of application: JS750 concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of construction sites, prefabricated factories, cement product factories and other places, with a wide range of applications.

Overall, 750l concrete mixer has the advantages of good mixing effect, high production efficiency, durable structure, easy operation, etc. It is suitable for small and medium-sized concrete mixing projects, and is a kind of concrete mixing equipment with stable and reliable performance.

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