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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

Dry mix concrete batching plant

Dry mix concrete batching plant

Dry mix concrete batching plant is a kind of mixing plant relative to wet mix concrete batching plant. It is more common in the international market, especially in South American market, and almost no one uses it in China. The dry mix concrete plant is mainly used to reduce the investment cost of the concrete mixing plant. The original concrete mixer …

mobile asphalt batch mix plant

Mobile asphalt batch mix plant

The mobile asphalt batch mix plant can carry various materials required for multiple cycles and is directly stirred and poured on the construction site. So that the freshly mixed asphalt mixture mortar has good fluidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and antifreeze, and fully ensures the asphalt mortar performance and construction quality of pouring. The asphalt mixing plant includes a mixing tank, a …

compact batching plant

Compact batching plant technical features

The compact batching plant is very suitable for engineering project, the mixing performance is very good. Its main mixing part uses twin-shaft forced concrete mixers. There is an independent support platform, the platform has a mixing host, a batching weighing device such as cement, water and additives, and a main batching mixing system is combined. The cost performance is relatively high, …

mobile concrete batch plants for sale

Mobile concrete batch plants for sale

Haomei is a professional manufacturer who produce mobile concrete batch plants for sale with mixing capacity of 25-75m3/h. Different from the stationary concrete batching plant, the structure of mobile concrete batching plant is more compact, which are more convenient to move and install. The mixing efficiency of mobile concrete batch plant is high because it adopt fully automatic control system. The …

compact concrete mixer

Compact concrete mixer supply

The structure compact concrete mixer supplied by Haomei Machinery has features of high efficiency, easy operation and save time. The JS twin shaft concrete mixer and SICOMA concrete mixer can be offered by Haomei Machinery with high performance and great price, and the customers can choose the suitable model according to their requirement. The ready mix concrete products produced by the …

cost of concrete mixer

Cost of concrete mixer JS

The cost of concrete mixer twin shaft JS series is related to the volume, output and model, the model varies from JS500 to JS4000. The forced type concrete mixer has high production efficiency and good concrete mixing quality. It is the most widely used concrete mixing equipment at home and abroad. It can mix the concrete evenly by squeezing and cutting …

concrete batching plant equipment

Precautions for purchase concrete batching plant equipment

The concrete batching plant equipment is indispensable machine is urban building, road, railway, port and bridge construction projects. To ensure the construction quality, it is necessary for the purchase department to choose a set of concrete batching plant with high quality, high efficiency and long service life. It is not a east task for the new friend, so Haomei Machinery summarize …

hollow brick machine manufacturers

Hollow brick machine manufacturers

Hollow brick machine manufacturers in China have the highlight of low price, high quality, long using life and free mold. The price is always the most concerned issue for all customers when buying hollow brick making machine equipment. Every customer wants to buy a set of satisfactory equipment at the lowest price. Here our technical staff at Haomei Machinery will simply …

Concrete block maker factory

Concrete block maker factory

Buy concrete block maker machine from China Haomei Machinery will help you to improve productivity and save cost. Concrete block machine is an equipment that uses cement concrete as raw material to produce blocks. The hydraulic system of Haomei concrete block maker machine is reliable, so the producing efficiency is high and the processing is stable, so the investment is not …

concrete mixer manufacturers

Concrete mixer manufacturers china

Concrete mixer manufacturers china supply twin shaft concrete mixer with advanced shaft end seal technology and high quality steel material. The procurement of concrete mixer equipment is a matter that requires our customers to analyze carefully and patiently, and we must not blindly draw conclusions, because once we buy concrete mixer equipment of poor quality, there are many quality problems …

hydraulic brick making machine

Hydraulic brick making machine

The reason why the hydraulic brick making machine is very popular in the market depends entirely on its environmental protection function. Not only that, the hydraulic brick machine is easy to operate and has a very wide range of applications. Therefore, the hydraulic brick maker machine can occupy a place in the building materials market. When the hydraulic brick machine is …

automated concrete plant

Advantages of automated concrete plant

The control system of automated concrete plant is a set of intelligent concrete production control and management system developed for concrete production enterprises. This control system adopts modular design and has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable performance, simple operation and powerful functions. The automated control system combines modern control technology with concrete production management practices and is a complete …

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