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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

hydraulic hollow block machine

Hydraulic Hollow Block Machine

The hydraulic hollow block machine is a machine for making bricks, which is a part of equipment in the brick manufacturing plant. Compared with the large brick plant, it has fewer forming blocks, low output and small appearance size. The birth of hydraulic hollow block making machine has made a big step forward in the development of the brick machine industry, and …

concrete portable batch plant

Concrete Portable Batch Plant

Concrete portable batch plant belongs to a concrete construction machinery with high movable ability and high degree of automation. Nowadays, there are many private concrete companies. The portable concrete batch plant is designed for long distance and short construction period projects. With mixing productivity of 25-90m3/h, portable batching plant is welcomed on the concrete batch plant equipment market. When building a …

mobile mini concrete batching plant

Mobile Mini Concrete Batching Plant

Most of the mobile concrete batching plants are used to small and medium-sized engineering projects, many of which are designed to meet the needs of the project. Unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded. Based on the needs of customers, they can produce concrete quality standards that meet the needs of the project. Therefore, mobile mini concrete batching plant is more welcomed on …

RMC Batching Plant Supplier

RMC Batching Plant Supplier

It is very important to choose a reliable rmc batching plant supplier, which determines whether the ready mix concrete plant can operate normally for a long time. So how to choose a ready mix concrete batching plant equipment manufacturer? Here are some suggestions for your reference. 1, Look at the honor of the the rmc batching plant manufacturer 2, Look at the quality of the ready …

small pump truck

Small Pump Truck 27m

The 27 meter small pump truck concrete is the classic of the short and medium telescopic boom concrete pump trucks that have gone all out to create following the HBT trailer pump, HBC truck-mounted pump, and HGY hydraulic press concrete placing machine. It is a high-efficiency concrete conveying machinery and equipment integrating traveling, underwater concrete and fabrics. The small concrete pump truck …

concrete plant sales

Concrete Pant Sales

When searching concrete plant sales on the market, we need to check the equipment quality and the strength of concrete batching plant manufacturers. When encountering the construction of some large or extra-large engineering projects, or some special projects involving municipal security, the construction party often invites bids for different concrete batching plants. During the bidding process, relevant personnel will be specially …

concrete paver block machine

Concrete Paver Block Machine

The concrete paver block machine can form 14-20 pieces 100mm×200mm bricks at one time, without the use of pallets. Any pavement product can be produced such as any colored pavement tiles, lawn tiles, U-shaped drainage bricks and 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meters wide, 0.4 meters thick roadside stone, road shoulder stone can all be produced, the class output is more than …

120m3/h Concrete Batch Plant

120m3/h Concrete Batch Plant

The 120m3/h concrete batch plant is model HZ2120 concrete batching plant, the theoretical productivity is 120m³/h, which is a mandatory and high-efficiency mixing equipment. The 120m3/h concrete batching plant in Haomei Machinery not only has the high mixing efficiency of the concrete mixing station, the work is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also has the economical characteristics of the concrete mixing plant. When …

asphalt plant mixer equipment

Asphalt Plant Mixer Equipment

The asphalt plant mixer equipment is used for manufacturing asphalt mixture for highway, road, airport, water conservancy construction. The raw materials for the production of asphalt mixture are asphalt, coarse aggregate stone, fine aggregate sand, mineral powder, heavy oil for equipment combustion, heat transfer oil for asphalt heating tank, Composition materials of asphalt plant mixer equipment are: 1, Asphalt material: Asphalt pavement generally uses road …

50m3/h mini concrete batching plant

50m3/h Mini Concrete Batching Plant

Nowadays, the production of concrete in projects is mostly realized by mixing plants, which not only increases the output of concrete, but also improves the quality. Among many equipments, 50m3/h mini concrete batching plant is very common, and its excellent production effect has also won the welcome of many users. We know that the 50m3/h concrete batching plant is also known …

batch asphalt plant

Batch Asphalt Plant

Batch asphalt plant has been criticized by environmental pollution due to the problems of harmful smoke and dust, environmental pollution of smoke and dust and high energy consumption. It is obvious that it runs counter to the development of intelligent cities. Under the high pressure of environmental protection inspectors, how can the asphalt mixing plant be successfully tested for environmental protection? …

concrete batch plant certification

Concrete Batch Plant Certification

The concrete batch plant certification offered by concrete bathing plant manufacturer is ISO9001 approve for quality certificated. Before talking about the quality management of concrete production, the concrete batching plant lets us understand the quality first. Quality has subjective and objective evaluation standards. Subjectively, it is to let customers determine the value, which is interpreted as “the most economical value, easy …

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