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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

Well known concrete mixers manufacturers

Well known concrete mixers manufacturers

Haomei is one of the well known concrete mixers manufacturers in China, with manufacturing twin shaft concrete mixers JS series 500-4000 L. As we all know that the concrete mixer is used to mix concrete, so the requirements for tightness are very strict. For example, the shaft end seal of the concrete mixer produced by Haomei Machinery uses two types of …

stationary concrete pump

What are the characteristics of stationary concrete pump?

Stationary concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties, the pumping capacity is 40-80m3/h. As the main component of concrete pump, the pumping system plays a very important role in the operation of the entire concrete pump. The pumping system of the concrete pump is an indispensable component of the concrete pump. In construction, it plays …

High accuracy concrete mixing equipment

High accuracy concrete mixing equipment

The measurement accuracy of concrete mixing equipment determines the quality of the concrete and is also an important factor related to the quality of the engineering. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the measurement accuracy of the concrete mixing plant. 1, Improve the measurement accuracy of the aggregate measurement system First, choose a sensor with reasonable range, high accuracy, stability and …

buy concrete mixer

Where to buy concrete mixer

If you want to buy concrete mixer 0.5-4m3 with high quality and low cost, we Haomei Machinery can be your trusted concrete mixer manufacturer. With the development of the machinery production industry, there are more and more types of concrete mixer equipment, and it is inevitable that there will be mixed fish and dragons in the market. Of course, users also …

mobile concrete batching mixing plant

Mobile concrete batching mixing plant

Mobile concrete batching mixing plant adopts JS series forced twin shaft concrete mixer, which can quickly and evenly mix the fluidity and dry hard concrete. Mobile concrete batching plant has obvious advantages, faster disassembly and assembly, and more convenient movement during the transition. Except for the screw conveyor and cement silo, the entire front of the mobile concrete mixing plant …

automatic mobile concrete batching plant

Automatic mobile concrete batching plant

Automatic mobile concrete batching plant is a centralized concrete mixing equipment with automatic control system. The mobile concrete batching plant collect transports, concrete mixer, material storage, and discharges the whole to the concrete production equipment on the trailer unit. It is in the automatic operation mode of the concrete mixing plant during operation. So, what are the advantages of automatic mobile …

stationary batching plants

Stationary batching plants with long service

When buying stationary batching plants, customers not only look at the quality and price, but also attach great importance to one issue, that is, the service life. The stationary concrete batching plant equipment that customers do not expect to purchase has a short service life despite looking cheap. Our company Haomei Machinery specializes in the production of concrete batching plants …

portable concrete plant

Portable concrete plant structure

YHZS portable concrete plant is a new type of mobile concrete mixing equipment launched by Haomei Machinery with productivity of 25-75m3/h. The portable concrete batching plant adopts an integrated design, all functions are in one overall structure, so the whole portable concrete batch plant can be towed and transferred. The structure of the mobile concrete batching plant yhzs main station is …

Mini batching plant manufacturers

Mini batching plant manufacturers

As one of professional mini batching plant manufacturers in China, Haomei offer 25-50m3/h concrete batching plant equipment. The model of mini concrete batching plant in Haomei are HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50, and we have export many sets of mini batching plant to other countries. Among the mini concrete batching plant models, the HZS35 concrete bathing plant is a welcomed model. The …

small concrete mixing plant

Buy small concrete mixing plant

The models of small concrete mixing plant include HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 hzs35 concrete batching plants, the productivity are 25, 35 and 50m3/h respectively. For these types of concrete mixing plants, they can be used as simple concrete mixing plants. At the same time, they are also popular products for small construction sites. The construction price of a small concrete mixing …

Portable batching plant for sale

Portable batching plant for sale

The control system of the 25-75m3/h portable batching plant for sale is controlled by an industrial computer, so it is fully automatic. Portable concrete batching plant is also known as mobile type concrete batching plant, which is a new type concrete batching plant with compact unique structure, high mixing efficiency, great mixing performance and easy operation. On the market of …

Buy stationary concrete plant low prices

Buy stationary concrete plant low prices

The stationary concrete plant is a large-scale automatic production equipment for concrete, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, long service life, and professional and reliable. It is the best choice for ready mix concrete manufacturers and concrete users. At present, there are many manufacturers of stationery concrete batching plants, with different sizes and different scales. Due to technical reasons …

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