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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

concrete truck mixer

The classification of concrete truck mixer

The concrete truck mixer is a special vehicle used in the commercial concrete industry to mix concrete or transport ready-mixed concrete to the destination on construction site. The concrete mixer truck belongs to modified vehicle, which guarantees production safety in the process of mixing or transportation, the quality of concrete is stable and environmental protection is emphasized. There are also many …

asphalt drum mix plant

Staffing management of the asphalt drum mix plant

The current asphalt drum mix plant control technology is increasingly advanced and the scientific and technological content is increasing. This requires the strengthening of management in order to meet the construction needs, ensure the normal operation of the machinery, ensure the quality of the project and ensure the progress of the project. The management of an asphalt drum mix plant reflected …

Check list of concrete pump trucks for sale

Check list of concrete pump trucks for sale

The concrete pump trucks for sale has reach the advanced level by adapting advanced computer simulation technology at home and abroad. Using modern advanced computer simulation technology, the effects of various parameters such as stress, displacement and natural frequency of the concrete boom pump structure on the fatigue life of the boom are systematically analyzed. At the same time, the hydraulic …

concrete pump trailer

Analyze the technical system of concrete pump trailer

Because of its reliable quality and excellent quality, the concrete pump trailer is welcomed by the customers. What are the advantages of concrete trailer pump? We have to mention the technical system of the trailer concrete pump. 1, Hydraulic system The hydraulic system of the concrete pump trailer has function of constant power control, which can prevent the power system from …

New free base type concrete batch plant for sale

New free base type concrete batch plant for sale

When speak of concrete batch plant for sale, we must refers to the new type of concrete batch plant which is more and more popular in recent years. And among the new types, free-base type concrete batch plant stand out because of the convenient installation and transfer same as mobile concrete batch plant, as well as the low cost same …

mobile concrete plant

Mobile concrete plant belt conveyor maintenance

Belt conveyors are commonly used aggregate conveying equipment in mobile concrete  plant. The aggregate and cement are the raw materials for mixing concrete, thus, the normal working of belt conveyor to transfer aggregate to concrete mixer seems to be very important. Therefore we should pay more attention on the maintenance of belt conveyor. The following is the steps of how …

concrete pump trucks

Concrete pump trucks maintenance tips

Along with the rapid development of science and economy, the manufacturing technology of concrete pump trucks has made great progress, and promoted the continuous maturity of the commodity concrete industry. Nowadays, in the pursuit of construction efficiency, concrete pump truck are more and more accepted by the users in the construction market. The concrete pump truck is the machine that uses …

trailer pump concrete

Trailer pump concrete and aggregate size relationship

Trailer pump concrete is trailer concrete pump which is used to pumping concrete in some distance or height to the construction site. As the pumping concrete has big aggregate much bigger than cement, thus, the pumping can be limited by the aggregate size. Only qualified trailer concrete pump can pumping the concrete smoother with less blocking. To help more friends know …

Concrete pump trucks for sale need to preheat

Concrete pump trucks for sale need to preheat

The preheat for concrete pump truck is mainly for pumping hydraulic systems, this is because, at low temperatures, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases and the fluidity decreases, resulting in the flow resistance in the pipe increased. In the state of high viscosity of the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic pump has oil absorption difficulties in the working state of …

concrete trailer pump for sale

Pay attention when using concrete trailer pump for sale

Still looking for concrete trailer pump for sale? Do you know that there are many aspects need to be paid attention to when using concrete trailer pump in the construction site? If you have no idea about this, I hope this article can help you to know concrete trailer pump better on operation. The first step is to choose a …

concrete mixer trucks for sale

The mixing device of concrete mixer trucks for sale

The structure of a concrete mixer truck seem to be small than that of a concrete batching plant, but in fact, the technical level of concrete truck mixer is as high as batching plant. In the overall structure of concrete mixer trucks for sale, the mixing tank is the biggest part, and it is on of the the stirring device …

concrete batch plant

The dust removal equipment of concrete batch plant

To a concrete batch plant during working, when the cement silo is transporting cement, or when the aggregate and cement are going to mixing in the concrete mixer, there will have large amount of dust to be produced. All the dust and waste air will cause pollution to the around environment. The dust removable equipment is used for collect the …

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