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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

concrete boom pump truck

Concrete boom pump truck hot sale

Concrete boom pump truck hot sale in Haomei Machinery has strong mobility, convenient pumping, high efficiency and high degree of automation. Under normal circumstances, the life of a concrete pump truck is generally about ten years, but only we have proper operation and maintenance, the concrete boom pumps can be more durable and have longer service life. Here are some notes …

Buy trailer concrete pump from China supplier

Buy trailer concrete pump from China supplier

It is recommended to buy trailer concrete pump from supplier in China because of the low cost, high quality and professional service. You can contact with trailer concrete pump manufacturer to make sure the model according to the status of the project to be undertaken and the size of the equipment construction project, the length of the cycle and the frequency …

concrete mixer price

Concrete mixer price and quality

The concrete mixer price of China manufacturers is not high on the market, the cost of concrete mixer is related with its volume and quality. The concrete mixer mixing arm material affects its service life and cost performance. The shape and structure of the mixing arm affects the mixing effect, quality and energy consumption of the concrete mixer. The traditional stirring …

automatic fly ash brick making machine

Automatic fly ash brick making machine

The Haomei automatic fly ash brick making machine control system is mainly based on the fully automatic PLC electrical system controller. The electrical system is controlled by programmable controller PLC, equipped with data input and output device. The control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system. The hydraulic control system consists of a large-capacity tank body automatic pressure regulating …

How much does it cost to invest in a mobile concrete mixing plant?

How much does it cost to invest in a mobile concrete mixing plant?

The mobile concrete mixing plant with features of fast move, easy installation, high automatic control degree has been welcomed on the construction machinery market. The mixing capacity of mobile concrete batching plant is 25-75m3/h, so the equipment price won’t be too high. Thus, how much does it cost to invest a mobile concrete batching plant? What should we pat attention to …

batching plant suppliers

Industry leading batching plant suppliers

Haomei is one of the industry leading batching plant suppliers in China with over 20 years experience, we supply free training and great after sales service. The long service life and high performance make Haomei concrete batching plant win good reputation in Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. From small construction project and large ready mix concrete enterprise, we can see …

automatic concrete mixer machine

Automatic concrete mixer machine for sale

JS twin shaft automatic concrete mixer machine are known for the high reliability, high efficiency, environmental protection and trouble-free. The performance, working efficiency and wear resistance of JS twin shaft concrete mixer are higher than those of other brands. After running for months, there is no failure in the concrete mixer, the shaft end seal still uses the factory accessories, and …

mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer

Top mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer

Top mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer in China please select Haomei with over 20 years experience on construction machine industry. Compared with the stationary concrete batching plant, the mobile concrete batching plant is more flexible and convenient, and is more suitable for small engineering projects. With the impact of current environmental requirements on the batching plant industry, mobile concrete batch plants …

batching plant manufacturer

Find professional batching plant manufacturer here

Find professional batching plant manufacturer in China, Haomei has decades of years experience on provide high mixing efficiency concrete batching plant. No matter used in engineering projects, or used in ready mix concrete company, Haomei HZS series concrete batching plant has great performance and won good reputation. To find a trusted batching plant manufacturer is the permit of buying high quality …

concrete mixer maintenance

Concrete mixer maintenance precautions

Regular concrete mixer maintenance work can ensure the efficient operation of machinery and equipment, improve efficiency and reduce failures. Concrete mixers need to be maintained after each use, then the service life of concrete mixer is long and the concrete mixer parts have better work condition. However, what is needed to maintain the concrete mixer in daily production? Let us talk …

concrete mixer plant price

Concrete mixer plant price and model

Small and medium-sized concrete mixer plant price not only need to invest a certain amount of funds, but also need site construction, human resources and raw materials reserve. In addition, it needs sufficient funds to guarantee the construction site and maintaining the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant. Therefore, the budget work before the concrete mixer plant is built is …

sicoma mixers

Twin shaft sicoma mixers for sale

Sicoma mixers are double-shaft commercial concrete mixer, which is known for its high reliability, high efficiency, environmental protection and trouble-free operation. Since the production of sicoma concrete mixer, it can produced 1.2 million m3 of concrete, but the shaft end seal has not been replaced, and there is no such phenomenon that the shaft end is damaged or oil leakage occurs. From the appearance, …

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