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Mainly engaged in concrete mixers, concrete batching plant, mobile or portable concrete mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery. Configuration and construction method of concrete batching plant. The main points in technological design of concrete batching plant.

mini batching plant price

How much is the mini batching plant price?

Nowadays, there are many people who want to do commercial concrete business. Many people are going to build concrete batching plants. The mini batching plant price is not high on the market, but to cost to build a mini concrete batching plant is not a fixed amount, so what is the price of mini concrete batching plant? What are the factors …

mini concrete batch plant for sale

HZS25 mini concrete batch plant for sale

The HZS25 is a model of equipment in the mini concrete batch plant for sale, which mixing capacity is 25m3/h, and it has standard device and stable performance. As the smallest model in HZS series concrete batch plants, let us take HZS25 mini concrete batch plant as a example, to see the configuration and workflow in details. First, before the …

Modular concrete plant for sale

Modular concrete plant for sale

Modular concrete plant for sale is generally built next to the construction site, mainly used in a certain project, the configuration is relatively simple to meet the concrete required for the production of this project. The modular concrete plant equipment model has HZS25/HZS35/ HZS50/HZS60/HZS75/HZS90 concrete batching plant. HZS90 concrete plant for sale 1. The central concrete mixeradopts SICOMA orJS series twin shaft concrete …

ready mix concrete batch plant for sale

Ready mix concrete batch plant for sale

The investment cost of ready mix concrete batch plant for sale can be saved if you can buy suitable model equipment from reliable ready mix concrete plant manufacturer. The small and medium-sized concrete batch plants are recommended, because there are many models and the selection space is large. What are the models for small and medium ready mix concrete batch plant? …

mini mix concrete plant

How to build a set of mini mix concrete plant

Although the production efficiency of mini mix concrete plant equipment is not comparable to that of large ready mix concrete plant equipment, it also has outstanding advantages, affordable price, low requirements on the site, and high degree of freedom of configuration. To build a set of mini ready mix concrete plant is much easier than build commercial concrete plant, but we should …

half cubic meter concrete plant

High quality half cubic meter concrete plant

The hzs25 concrete batching plant also known as half cubic meter concrete plant, it is the smallest concrete mixing equipment in the HZS series concrete mixing plants. The mixing capacity of the hzs25 concrete plant is 25m3/h, the mixing capacity of the concrete mixer is 0.5 cubic meter. The 0.5 cubic meter concrete batching plant equipment is composed of feeding, …

mini mix concrete plant for sale

What are the model of mini mix concrete plant for sale?

Mini mix concrete plant for sale commonly used models are HZS25 and HZS35, it is generally used in small construction sites and projects where the demand amount of concrete are relatively small. So the market of mini concrete mixer plant is hot, how can we choose such equipment? What standards should be according to when we choose mini concrete batching plant …

concrete batching plant made in china

Concrete batching plant made in china inspection standards

With the acceleration of urban and rural construction, concrete batching plant made in china has recently more and more popular as a common engineering and construction machinery. After the installation of the concrete batching plant is completed, the inspection and acceptance is indispensable. What are the inspection standards in the whole set of equipment construction? Installation and acceptance steps for concrete …

mobile ready mix concrete plant

Mobile ready mix concrete plant model and capacity

The mobile ready mix concrete plant has the mixing capacity of 25-75 m3/h, it has compact structure and complete function with convenient movement. According to the model, the mobile concrete mix plants are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75. The installation of these mobile concrete plant models is easy and quick without any foundation and commissioning. The detailed configuration of mobile …

concrete plant business for sale

Precautions to invest concrete plant business for sale

The country’s investment in infrastructure construction has increased, leading to the rapid development of commercial concrete, providing a large space for concrete plant business for sale, creating a large commercial concrete market, and also promoting concrete batching plant into specialization, commercialization and social production. So what do we need to pay attention to when investing in a commercial concrete batching plant? 1, the …

precast concrete plant for sale

How to invest in precast concrete plant for sale

The investment and profit of precast concrete plant for sale are what many people who invest in concrete mixing plants want to know. How to invest in the precast concrete plant to make the profit to be largest? How to invest in the precast concrete plant to reduce the investment cost? It is obviously different for customers with different needs, but …

concrete batch plant inspection

Concrete batch plant inspection checklist

Concrete batch plant inspection work is very important before start work, it helps to reduce error and maintenance cost, in addition, the inspection is also help to check the equipment quality of concrete batch plant manufacturers. There are quite a few people who are doing business in concrete mixing plants but they are not familiar with the industry, they rarely inspected the concrete batch plant …

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