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Hot sale automatic fly ash bricks machine

December 31, 2019

Hot sale automatic fly ash bricks machine supplied by Haomei is highly energy-efficient and production efficiency, and the cost is low. We all know that the hydraulic system is the key component, so it has certain requirements on the working environment of fly ash brick making machine, carelessness operation will cause hydraulic oil pollution and cause a series of failures. To improve its performance and reduce the failure rate, we need to do a good job of maintenance of fly ash brick making machine.

automatic fly ash bricks machine

1. The dust-removing system of the fly ash brick making machine workshop needs to be installed to avoid hydraulic oil pollution caused by excessive flying dust, which will cause failure;
2. Operators must undergo strict technical training before taking up their jobs, and they can only take up their jobs after passing the assessment;
3. Each time the fly ash brick machine is started, if you do not want to do a preliminary inspection, the brick machine should idle for 5 minutes after starting up, and then feed production without abnormalities. If any part is faulty, stop and repair it in time;
4. For newly installed fly ash bricks making machine, after a week of equipment production, the hydraulic oil must be all oil filtered once, and the fuel tank, and then according to the machine’s workload, 3-6 months to replace the oil, clean the fuel tank once;
5. In the production of the fly ash brick machine, it is strictly forbidden to repair directly when a fault occurs, and the machine should be stopped for repair. If the equipment is hot, the fuel tank cap cannot be opened directly, and the machine must be stopped and decompressed before inspection;
6. After the automatic fly ash bricks machine is installed, the control system needs to be adjusted to check all connected parts so that normal production can be performed.

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