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Batch Plant For Sale Philippines

January 18, 2023

The batch plant for sale philippines are build with cement silo, concrete batching machine, concrete mixer, charging facility and other auxiliary equipment. And people also find the price of concrete batching plant for sale in the Philippines is different. The cost of build a set of concrete batching plant is related to the configuration closed. And the concrete batching plant configures auxiliary equipment is configured according to the output index.


First of all, the concrete mixing machine and feed batching system of the concrete batch plant for sale philippines should be based on the construction period of the project and the total amount of concrete. It is advisable to configure the daily concrete consumption and other indicators to meet the larger daily concrete consumption. A concrete mixer and related feeding system are a production line. Only one production line can be set up for general projects, and two production lines should be set up for larger and important projects, arranged side by side to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project. A project can only have one concrete batch plant, or it can set up concrete batch plants according to the divisions, or set up a large concrete mixing station in a centralized manner and match it with an appropriate amount of concrete delivery vehicles. It depends on the actual situation.

batch plant for sale philippines

Secondly, the area of the sand and stone stockpiles should be large enough to meet the consumption needs of the project and to facilitate the organization of replenishment. Sand and gravel are stacked in different areas to prevent inaccurate concrete grading caused by mixing materials. Equipped with loading trucks to feed materials and stack sand and gravel neatly. The site should be hardened to facilitate the loading of the truck and prevent dirt and other sundries from entering the material.


Again, a batching plant for sale is equipped with 1-2 pools, which must be able to ensure the needs of concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning. A production line is equipped with at least 2 suitable cement silos, preferably 3, which are used in turn and replenished in time to meet the needs of concrete production without causing a backlog of cement. Large volume and pumped concrete generally need to be mixed with fly ash and admixtures, and placed separately according to the site conditions for convenience.


Finally, as for the method of conveying finished concrete, the concrete conveying pump method can be selected. The conveying method is based on meeting the conveying distance and height and the supply of concrete. It is generally arranged in front of the concrete mixer and connected to the pouring site with a pump pipe, or it can be arranged near the pouring place and sent to the pump by a concrete conveying vehicle.


The layout has the above points, and the remaining components of the batch plant for sale philippines can be assembled and established according to production needs.

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