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Haomei QT block making machine installed in Bulgarian

April 28, 2019

What a great news! Haomei QT block making machine was installed and commission successfully in Bulgarian on 26th, April 2019! Our customers not only praise the block making machine price, but also the quality of the produced blocks! With the hard work of our engineers, the block making machine production line has been put into use and running well, it can making a lot of blocks which meet the demands. With thumb up, our customer is very satisfied with the workmanship, good quality and professional service of Haomei Machinery!

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Haomei are specialized in manufacturing qualified cement and concrete block making machine for production of all kind of concrete blocks including solid and hollow block. The characteristics of Haomei QT block making machine are:
1, unique material storage and material distribution mechanism design ensures the accuracy of feeding, avoids the material being affected by external factors, accurate quantity, and good product conspiracy consistency.
2, using full synchronous vibration mode, uniform vibration formation, frequency can be adjusted according to different requirements of the production process, low-frequency feeding, high-frequency molding number, so that different raw materials through adjustment to achieve excellent tapping effect.
3, random computer fault self-diagnosis system, prompting the alarm is conducive to timely troubleshooting, combined with remote control system to achieve remote monitoring, control, diagnosis.

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And if you are interested in the concrete and cement block making machine, welcome to contact us by email to ask for the block making machine price, we will give you reply and professional recommendation as soon as we can!

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