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Cement Mixer Machine

June 15, 2021

The JS series compulsory twin-shaft cement mixer machine have productivity of 0.5-4.0 cubic meter concrete per batch. And in Haomei Machinery, new type JS series twin shaft concrete mixer machine has upgraded these six points on the basis of the original cement mixer product. The upgraded JS concrete mixer is more practical and durable.

cement mixer machine

1, Shaft end seals

Two sodium bearing protection rings are used between the stirring arm and the shaft head to prevent the entry of coarse sand. There is an air duct in the steel ring. When a certain pressure of air is applied to the air duct, the contact surface between the side stirring arm and the shaft head will form an air pressure protection pad, so that water and mud will not be close to the shaft head and prolong the service life of the cement mixer.


2, Electric lubricating oil pump

Using a high-power motor, the lubricating oil pump can be quickly injected into the shaft head;

NLGI secondary or tertiary lubricating oil can be used to make the shaft end seal better and save fuel;

The pump cores are used to supply oil to the shaft head respectively, without the use of a diverter valve, which avoids the clogging of the diverter valve, ensures the supply of grease on the shaft head, and reduces the workload of repair and maintenance.


3, Advanced monitoring system

Can monitor the oil volume and temperature of the gearbox.

Can monitor the measured value and temperature of the drain pump.

Equipped with a monitor and an alarm, which can be added to the control room of concrete mixer. When the operation status is abnormal, the alarm will automatically alarm, which can realize remote monitoring of the control room.


4, The discharge port

Using advanced hydraulic drive equipment, it avoids that the mixer cannot be unloaded due to insufficient pneumatic unloading of the pneumatic door.

The discharge door has several stop points as general switches, which is convenient for filling the cement mixer truck.

Dual unloading mode, manual unloading control can be activated when the power is off, safe and reliable.


5, Contact switch

Imported induction switch, reliable and durable.


6, Reducer

The reducer and oil seal system are custom-designed and produced by professional manufacturers for the cement mixer machine, which can be used with the mixer to move smoothly, with long service life, low noise, and no oil leakage.

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