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The site planning advice from concrete batch plant factory

July 11, 2018

The fundamental way to improve the efficiency of concrete batch plant equipment is the maturity of equipment and labor, and the standardization of the site is also very important.  Choose a trusted concrete batch plant factory helps to buy professional equipment. Establishing standardized site will help to save transportation time and increase the efficiency of the entire batching plant. Here are some advice for the site plan of establish a set of concrete batch plant.

concrete batch plant factory

First, the site of the concrete batch plant equipment should be scaled according to its output to ensure that the raw material reserves can meet the construction needs. This can be communicated to the concrete batch plant factory in detail before purchase, and then make the appropriate planning.

Secondly, in order to ensure the temperature of the concrete in summer, the sand and gravel should be shielded by a strong scaffolding to achieve the purpose of shading, rainproof, dustproof, etc., set or reserve summer cooling and winter insulation measures to ensure the concrete temperature meets the requirements.

In addition, the concrete batch plant equipment yard site and driving road must be grounded and surface hardened, and meet the requirements of heavy-duty vehicles; The site should have perfect drainage facilities, smooth drainage, no obvious water accumulation or pit. On-site inspection, clean, no dust, equipped with fire-fighting, safe electrical facilities, hanging various safety warning signs. At the same time, sewage pools and garbage pools will be set up to meet environmental protection requirements.

Finally, the silo section of the concrete batch plant equipment is reasonable and standardized, and the silo reserve should meet the needs of two consecutive production peaks. Sand and gravel must be stored in sections, and each zone should be separated by different types and specifications, and the necessary flushing or screening facilities should be set or reserved.

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