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Concrete batching plant made in china inspection standards

March 14, 2019

With the acceleration of urban and rural construction, concrete batching plant made in china has recently more and more popular as a common engineering and construction machinery. After the installation of the concrete batching plant is completed, the inspection and acceptance is indispensable. What are the inspection standards in the whole set of equipment construction?

concrete batching plant made in china

Installation and acceptance steps for concrete mixing plant:
1. The fixed concrete mixer in the concrete batching plant should be installed on a firm pedestal. If it is used for a long time, the anchor bolt should be buried. If it is used for a short time, the wooden pillow should be laid under the machine and leveled and stabilized. The mobile concrete mixer in the concrete batching plant made in china be installed on a flat and hard floor. It should be fixed with wooden or support frame and kept horizontal. It is not allowed to replace the support with tires. It takes a long time (usually more than 3 months). The tires should be removed and stored properly, and the ends of the axles should be cleaned and rust-proofed.
2. The transmission mechanism, working device, clutch and brake should be tightened, flexible and reliable, and the protective cover is complete. The wire rope selected for the concrete mixer shall not be rusted, broken, crushed, etc.
3. The safety hook should be in good condition. When the hopper is raised, the safety hook should be hung. For the concrete mixer that needs to dig up the pit of the hopper, the surrounding of the pit should be tamped and the rail frame is loaded. The bottom end face should also be supported by wood at the back of the tamping or paving frame to prevent long working hours and deformation of the track.
4. The concrete mixer should be placed in the rainproof shed, all kinds of cards are complete, the mixer in the concrete batching plant should be set to “one machine, one brake, one leak, one box”, the leakage protector parameters are 30MAx0.1S,The motor resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ; the protection zero line should be no less than two places, and the instrumentation and indication signals of the console should be accurate and reliable.

The above is the acceptance requirement of the concrete batching plant made in china. Only when the equipment is fully inspected at the time of acceptance, the hidden dangers of equipment and other unsafe factors can be found and eliminated, so as to provide guarantee for the normal operation of the concrete machinery in the later stage.

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