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maintenance of concrete mixer machine

May 10, 2017

Concrete mixer is a kind of machine equipment to mix cement, sand gravel aggregate and water together to make concrete, the advantages of concrete mixer are safe and reliable, stable performance, flexible and so on. With “low energy consumption, low noise, no oil environmental protection” as an index, concrete mixer machine of Haomei machinery has characteristics as operation stability, uniform mixing quality, less investment, small cover area, easy to maintain, high production efficiency, nice appearance, novel structure, light weight, easy to move. So Haomei concrete mixer is widely popular with the users as a kind of advanced models. Today the topic is the maintenance of Haomei concrete mixer, the details are as follows.

Concrete Mixer machine

1, to maintain the body, keep the concrete mixer body to be clean, remove the dirt and obstacles from the mixer body.
2, check the oil of lubrication place, circuit and control equipment, and filling lubricating oil according to the requirement.
3, before working every time, add water into the mix barrel, making it idling 1 to 2 min, and check the reliability of the clutch and brake work.
4, in the concrete mixer operation process, operator should check if the motor, reducer, transmission gear has abnormal noise at any time, and whether the temperature rise is too high,
5, after finish working every time, the operator should clean the concrete mixer machine carefully.

All the 5 aspects above should be pay attention to in the daily operation, if you follow the suggestion, you will find the problems in producing process is less and the capacity can be higher than before, if you don’t have a concrete mixer machine, and you want to buy a high quality concrete mixer, you can come to Haomei, if you are a new buyer, our staff can give you professional advice on choosing the right type for your project, if you have your idea on the type, Haomei can provide you the best quality product. In other words, Haomei machinery is your best choice to buy concrete mixer!

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