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Concrete Mixer Machine Price in Kenya

April 3, 2023

Concrete mixer is a common equipment in the construction industry, mainly used to mix raw materials such as cement, sand and aggregates to make concrete for building construction. The concrete mixer machine price in kenya varies according to the brand, model, specification, quality and other factors. The following will be detailed around the price of concrete mixer in Kenya.


First, the brand factor:

The brand of concrete mixer machine is one of the important factors affecting the concrete mixer machine price in kenya. The more well-known brands of concrete mixers on the market are XCMG, Sany, Zoomlion, etc. The higher the brand awareness, the higher the price. In addition, the quality and performance of different brands of concrete mixer machine are also different, and the price will also vary.

concrete mixer machine price in kenya

Second, the model specification factor:

Concrete mixer model specifications is also one of the important factors affecting the price. Concrete mixer machine are divided into three types according to production capacity: small, medium and large. The price of a small concrete mixer is about 6,000 dollars, the price of a medium-sized concrete mixer is about 15,000 dollars, and the price of a large concrete mixer is more than 100,000 dollars. When choosing the model specifications, you need to consider the local market demand, their own financial budget and other factors.


Third, the quality factor:

The quality of the concrete mixer machine is one of the factors that directly affect the price of concrete mixer machine in kenya. A good concrete mixer machine should have high performance, low failure rate, long life and other characteristics, while low-quality concrete mixers often have frequent failures, short life and other problems. Therefore, the price of good quality concrete mixer is relatively high, while the price of low-quality concrete mixer is relatively low.


Fourth, additional functional factors:

In addition to the basic functions, concrete mixers also have some additional features, such as automatic measurement, automatic feeding, intelligent control, etc. These features can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, ensure the quality of concrete, etc., but the price will also increase accordingly. Therefore, when choosing a concrete mixer machine, you need to consider the actual demand and choose the equipment with higher cost performance.


In summary, the concrete mixer machine price in kenya varies depending on the brand, model specifications, quality and additional features, etc. Investors need to consider these factors when choosing a concrete mixer and choose the most suitable equipment according to their actual situation.

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