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What should we pay attention to when choosing concrete mixer supply

April 11, 2017

The quality and quantity of concrete mixer supply is the assurances of concrete manufacturers strength. There are a lot of concrete mixer manufacturers across the world, if you want to choose the best quality manufacturer to buy the most valuable concrete mixer equipment, you need pay attention to the two cognitive misunderstandings.concrete mixer supply

Mistake 1: the cheapest concrete mixer is the most valuable one.
Concrete mixer is a mechanical equipment composed of innumerable elements, as different manufacturers choose spare parts of different brand, price is different too, the quality of the equipment will has large difference. As the saying goes, “You Get What You Pay”, a concrete mixer supply with low price has not good spare parts. If the mixer equipment break down frequently because of the quality problem, the buyers should not only bear a lot of the cost of maintenance, but also undertake the economic losses caused by production delays. Don’t covet the cheap price,you should choose the high quality and reasonable price, in the long run, this kind of concrete mixer is the most valuable choice.
Mistake 2: as long as the equipment quality is no problem, the after-sales service is not important.
Some customers think that as long as there is not big quality problem of the concrete mixer, and the price is affordable, after-sales service didn’t matter much. Actually it is not, concrete mixer belongs to heavy machinery equipment, the service life is long, there will be small problems after using for years, or easy to wear and tear parts replacement, equipped with perfect after-sales service factory can provide customers with original spare parts of the original production of equipment, and a few small manufacturers’ spare parts may be products of some small workshops without quality assurance, it is easy to fail, and is not easy to find similar parts on the market, it influence the production efficiency and service life of the mixer greatly.

So the buyers should choose the manufacturers have the strength of high quality, Zhengzhou Haomei is a quality manufacturer with qualified concrete mixer supply, which has 20 years of experience in research and development design, manufacturing processes mature, multi-channel quality testing process after the equipment before delivery, ensure the equipment quality standard.

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