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Well known concrete mixers manufacturers

July 15, 2020

Haomei is one of the well known concrete mixers manufacturers in China, with manufacturing twin shaft concrete mixers JS series 500-4000 L. As we all know that the concrete mixer is used to mix concrete, so the requirements for tightness are very strict. For example, the shaft end seal of the concrete mixer produced by Haomei Machinery uses two types of rubber seal and steel seal. Choosing a good concrete mixing machine is to choose a concrete mixer with good sealing performance.

concrete mixers manufacturers

We know that the main reason for the leakage of the concrete mixer is that the floating seal is damaged. Therefore, when we choose the concrete mixer manufacture, we must pay special attention to the choice of floating ring. If the quality is not good, we can ask the concrete mixers manufacturers to replace the floating ring of a well-known brand. Also, even if we use a better floating ring configuration, it will still be damaged, which requires us to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil in the process of using the concrete mixer to ensure the tightness of concrete mixer. Regular oil and grease changes are the prerequisites for the concrete mixer to work properly.


In the process of using the concrete mixer, we also need to ensure the cleanliness of water supply system to avoid clogging. The suction valve should be regularly checked and cleaned, and the equipment should be regularly checked. Small problems should be resolved in time to extend the life of concrete mixer. The shaft end seal of the concrete mixer produced by Haomei Machinery adopts the supporting products produced by well-known concrete mixers manufacturers, which can ensure that can reduce the occurrence of concrete leakage during the use.

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