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Concrete Mixing Machine Price and Quality

April 20, 2021

The concrete mixing machine price is closely related to the equipment quality and manufacturer brand. When we buy a compulsory concrete mixer, if you want to distinguish the quality of the concrete mixer machine from the aspects of equipment quality, plate thickness, shaft end seal and technical content, it is difficult. Thus Haomei Machinery tell you a method to distinguish the quality of the compulsory concrete mixer from the appearance of the concrete mixer. The method is simple to learn and relatively accurate.

concrete mixing machine price

Haomei Machinery is a concrete mixer equipment manufacturer who produce twin shaft concrete mixer with capacity of 0.5-4.0 cubuic meter. To distinguish the quality of a compulsory concrete mixing machine, the first thing to look at is the shape, whether the concrete mixer is evenly painted, whether there is any leakage or mixed colors, whether the blades are painted, and whether there is a safety reminder sign, and whether it is obvious. Secondly, the concrete mixing machine price and quality depends on the details of the compulsory concrete mixer machine, it depends on whether the welding quality, welds, cracks, craters, pores, inclusions, etc. are uneven, and there should not be too many unqualified places. This is the key user to focus on. And finally, the quality of concrete mixer depends on whether the compulsory concrete mixer has a missing cover, whether there are obvious hammer marks, whether the installation is tight, etc.


Through the above three aspects, we can distinguish the quality of the concrete mixing machine price very simply and easily, especially the second method is the least fake, so users can refer to the above methods to distinguish. Haomei Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of concrete mixing mixers and concrete batching plants. If you are interested in our concrete mixer product, please contact us via email or phone.

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