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Can a concrete mixing plant work for 24 hours a day

April 12, 2017

Some projects have limited time of construction, so people want a concrete mixing plant equipment to work for 24 hours uninterrupted, does it reasonable? If the large concrete mixing plant as HZS180 can work continuous for 24 hours depends on whether the configuration achieved the related standards.concrete mixing plant

If a concrete mixing plant wants 24 hours’ non-stop work, it must have accurate measurement, high reliability, well stir ability, convenient operation, good environmental protection and high yield power, at the same time be able to implement automatic proportioning of aggregate, cement and water, and equipped with advanced computer control system. In particular, concrete batching plants continuous work must satisfy the following conditions:
1, dedicated large diameter oblique cone, screw powder feeder, avoid to be affected with damp and easily blocked of impeller and feeder.
2, aggregate be widened. The concrete batching plant can use the type of 50 loader to feed directly, mixtures won’t happen easily.
3, select pressure signal and speed signal measuring together or single speed measurement and signal measurement, concrete mixing plant operation and repair is easy, it won’t effect the capacity at the same time.
4, the peed regulation, running of frequency changer is stable and reliable, reduce the running faults and improve the work efficiency.
5, the microcomputer control system, the system has the functions of start up,shutdown, handle and view the process.
6, the concrete mixing plant should have a single motor to drive reducer,with the ability of impact vibration and stronger resistance to overload.

Although, in theory, as log as the concrete mixing plant equipment meet the standards can continuous work for 24 hours, but as a professional manufacturer, Haomei machinery suggest you to use the concrete mixing plant with reasonable breaks,it is a kind of maintenance. Only with maintenance,the concrete plant can work in good condition.

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