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The metering system of mini concrete batching plant

December 13, 2018

The metering system of the mini concrete batching plant includes a metering device, a bucket body and a weighing frame. The metering system of the batching plant determines the mixing accuracy. The metering device is arranged on the weighing frame, and the body is sleeved on the metering device.
mini concrete batching plant
1. The bucket body
The cement measuring bucket is the equipment for measuring the cement before mixing. The cement metering bucket of the mini batching plant consists of a bucket body and a discharge door, which are suspended from the frame by three sensors. The bucket body is welded by the formed plate, the discharge door adopts a butterfly valve, and the sealing performance is good, and the butterfly valve is controlled by the cylinder to open and close. The cement is directly fed into the measuring hopper through a screw conveyor, and is sequentially measured to meet the concrete ratio requirement. The bucket discharge valve is arranged at the bottom of the bucket body, and there is also a discharge hopper matched with the bucket body, the discharge hopper is arranged on the frame. Different grades of concrete have different matching requirements for sandstone, cement and fly ash. The quality of the concrete can only be guaranteed if the requirement of the proportion is reached.

2. The metering device
The metering device is installed on the bucket body above the one-half height of the support point of the bucket body, and the metering device is arranged outside the bucket body. Each measuring bucket must use three sensors, and the installation is performed when multiple sensors are installed. The position is equal, the center of gravity of the body is below the support point, and the body is more stable. The cement is fed by the screw conveyor, and the screw conveyor is connected with the hopper by waterproof canvas. The outlet of the measuring bucket and the mixer cover are also connected by a canvas sleeve. The upper end of the measuring bucket is provided with a dust removing port and the stirring tank to achieve the dust removing effect. In the transport state, the sensor should be removed and replaced with a lifting ring to prevent damage to the sensor during transportation.

Some mini concrete batching plant also need to use fly ash. The structure and working principle of the fly ash measuring bucket and the cement measuring bucket are the same.

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