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Mobile Concrete Mixer

April 17, 2023

Mobile concrete mixer is a kind of simple concrete mixing plant, which is convenient and flexible to use, fast to assemble, and high in production efficiency, and is a common type of mixing plant for all kinds of small and medium-sized building construction and road construction.

mobile concrete mixer

The mobile concrete mixer machine is a kind of movable concrete mixing plant equipment. By design, the batching system, weighing system, mixing machine, storage, discharge and automatic control system of the mixing plant are concentrated in one trailer unit, and the mixing plant can be moved by trailer. As a mobile concrete mixer plant, it is used by more users and has the following advantages: (1) easy to transport; (2) easy to install and dismantle and better transfer performance; (3) less requirement for the foundation of mobile concrete plant installation and can be used on flat ground; (4) more versatile and can be used in areas with less favorable conditions and also in rural construction; (5) lower cost.


The mobile concrete mixer equipment generally needs to be set up with both automatic and manual control modes. The manual operation mode is mainly used for system maintenance or software debugging, while the automatic operation mode is generally used for normal production process. Therefore, manual and automatic selection and corresponding buttons should be set, and indicator lights should be set for each button for error checking in case of abnormal system operation. Automatic control can be used after normal operation of the equipment.


This mobile concrete mixer machine is suitable for a variety of scenarios, road construction, housing construction, building construction, dam construction, bridge construction, port construction, etc. The portable concrete mixer machine is flexible and can be used at any time.

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