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Mobile concrete pump for sale

July 1, 2019

Mobile concrete pump is concrete equipment uses a fully automated construction operating system and integrates concrete mixing and pumping function. Mobile concrete pump is suitable for the transportation of large aggregate concrete such as small and medium-sized foundations. Mobile trailer concrete pump is widely used in rural civil construction, construction of townships and new rural areas, construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects.

mobile concrete pump

Haomei can supply high quality HB series trailer concrete pumps, which have superior performance parameters and good maneuverability can meet the requirements of various working conditions. The mobile trailer concrete pump integrates the functions of the concrete mixer and the concrete pump, which effectively saves the cost of purchasing equipment, and its economic benefit is far greater than the economic benefits of both. The trailer concrete pump integrates the mixer with the conveying pump, which is more convenient in transportation and movement. In operation, the operation work is simple and easy, which can save labor in one step. In terms of efficiency, on-site mixing and continuous pumping are achieved, the working efficiency is greatly improved. In the process of use, the mobile concrete pump has lower power than the mixer + pump, which saves the use cost, and is more suitable for the rural areas where electricity is inconvenient.

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