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Moveable Concrete Batching Plant

April 21, 2022

In recent years, with the rapid development of society and the country’s intention to promote the construction of social infrastructure, the demand for concrete is increasing day by day, and the huge market demand drives the continuous development of the concrete industry and its upstream and downstream industries. With the rapid development of concrete-related industries, more and more problems have gradually emerged. Problems such as “dirty, messy, poor production, low production efficiency, and difficulty in moving” have always been entangled in traditional stationary concrete batching plants. It was not until the advent of the moveable concrete batching plant that these problems were gradually solved, so what are the advantages of the mobile concrete batching plant? Let’s break it down for you below:

moveable concrete batching plant

1, Moveable concrete batching plant has all the functions of the traditional fixed concrete batching plant, and can be equipped with bulk cement trucks, water trucks (or water pumping facilities) and loaders according to construction requirements, and can go directly to the job site for continuous production, and its output C40, C50, etc. The quality of high-grade concrete is not inferior to that of traditional concrete batching plants.

2, There are many types, including static concrete batching plant, trailer type, vehicle type and train trailer type. Mobile concrete batching plant can be equipped with different equipment for on-site production according to the terrain of different construction sites, which not only greatly saves space and time, but also ensures the construction speed. At the same time, the production cost is further reduced.

3, The scope of application is wider, and the characteristics of convenient mobile transfer endow the moveable concrete batching plant with more possibilities, which can be used in the construction of residential facilities, commercial facilities, industrial facilities, municipal or public facilities, transportation facilities, etc. For the production of precast concrete structures, etc.

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