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  • QT10-15 Brick Making Machine

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    Size of Pallet:1100×850×25(Bamboo Plywood)
    Vibration Frequency:50-90Hz
    Maximum Excitation Force:120KN
    Molding Cycle:15-20S
    Installed Capacity:42KW

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    QT10-15 brick making machine gives an output of 20,000 blocks per day. For customers who go for high productivity and cost-performance ratio, this economical block machine model might be one of your best bets. Model QT10-15 block making machine brings together multiple desirable features commonly found in separate models into one unit.

    Technical parameters of QT10-15 Brick Machine

    Product Type QTY10-15 Automatic Block Making Machine
    Dimension 8200*2000*2950
    Pallet size 1150*840*40
    Weight 11000kg
    Control style PLC
    Forming style Hydraulic
    Power 60.5kw
    Molding Cycle 15-20s
    Block height 50-200mm
    Voltage As per client’s local voltage
    Vibration force 695kn
    Vibration form Platform vibration
    Vibration frequency 4800-5100r/min
    Mixer model JS750
    Material Crushed stone, sand, cement, fly ash and other construction wastes.
    Applied Products concrete block, hollow block, solid block, cement block, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving block with or without face mix, garden and landscaping brick, slabs, kerbstone, grass block, slope block etc.
    Applied Fields Widely used in buildings, road paving, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions etc.

    Theoretical yield table of QT10-15 Block Machine

    Brick Specifications Brick Samples pcs/mold pcs/h pcs/8h 1 year (300 days)
    10 1800 14400 60845m3
    18 3240 25920 57600m3
    Dutch Bricks
    35 6300 50400 302400m2
    Dog-bone Pavers
    18 3240 25920 256634m2
    Zigzag Pavers
    24 4320 34560 262481m2
    Perforated Bricks
    240x115x90 4
    24 4320 34560 10.36 million pcs
    Solid Bricks
    48 8640 69120 20.73 million pcs

    brick making machine manufacturer

    1.Machine frame:high strength steel and special welding process, is extremely strong.
    2.Oriented: The super special steel made of chrome plated with good torsional and wear ability.
    3.Die pressure head: hydraulic synchronous drive, the same high degree of error is very small pallet products.
    4.Distributor: the ratio of sensing and hydraulic drive technology, cars and fabrics in the swing under the arch broken bodies, resulting in leakage of centrifugal force, cloth quickly Uniform, thin-walled muti-row hole products in particular.
    5.Vibrator: the electro-hydraulic technology-driven, multi-source vibration system , the computer generated under the control of the vertical by a hydraulic-driven companion vibration, frequency adjustable rate, real feeding is low, high-frequency shape of the working principle of different raw materials available to tap a good effect, acceleration of up to 17.5.
    6.Control system: computer control, human-machine interface, electronics and other used Mitsubishi brand, integrated control program 15 years of actual production experience, combined with the international development development trends, to meet the conditions written in the design to achieve without professional people, only minimal training can operate, powerful memory can be upgraded equipment needs.
    7.Stored material separating device: the supply of materials by computer, to avoid the effects of the material produced by the external pressure, to ensure uniform feeding, the product strength error very little difference.

    1. The machine cutting system adopts independent sliding way, easy to maintain and clean up.
    2. Full use of PCL intelligent control box man-machine interface dialogue system, easy to achieve random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and a variety of parameter settings to ensure the best work results of the machine.
    3. The use of advanced hydraulic adjustable technology, can facilitate the system pressure and flow in real-time regulation, so as to meet the production requirements of different raw materials.
    4. The use of special double-ended synthetic output vibration technology to optimize the arrangement of vibrators, the excitation force in the vibration table evenly distributed, thus ensuring the uniformity and consistency of products.
    5. Advanced vibration technology and broken arch device and use, to achieve the fabric and forming vibration were controlled, making the most homogeneous fabric, forming optimization.
    6. A multi-purpose machine, applicability, with different molds can produce a variety of shapes, specifications of the wall block, porous brick, pavement brick, slope protection brick.

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