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Note to buyers who want to buy a second hand concrete batching plant

April 5, 2017

As we all know, the second hand concrete batching plant can save more cost for purchaser than the new one, so more and more people want to buy a used concrete batching plant recently. Now let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a concrete batching plant.
stationary concrete mix plants emx120
Of course, a second hand batching plant for sale must be much cheaper than new one, the most simple and direct reason is the concept that the second-hand goods are cheap, but do you ever consider the quality assurance? Now the plant market is almost transparent, the price of the concrete mixing station equipment also have been put down a lot. The new equipment has a big advantage than the secondary concrete mixing station on the aspect of the quality, after-sales service, service life,warranty period an so on. Customers may go to the work site to inspect the running condition of equipment, but the problem is that since they are going to sell the plant, then it almost stopp production already, so it is hard to see the construction equipment running status, you can’t see some quality problems of the equipment in the meantime! The demolition cost of each set is tens of thousands of dollars, then plus ground foundation cost for the new site, migration equipment’s freight, the total coat is almost close to 100000! Add the money to buy a second-hand plant, the final count will not be the same as a new equipment.

So instead of buying a second-hand concrete batching plant with no quality guarantee, it is better to spend ten thousand dollars to buy a new set plant, the production will also have a large profit in the future!

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