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SICOMA Cement Mixer

January 8, 2024

SICOMA cement mixers are available in a wide range of models, different capacities and production capabilities for different application scenarios. The SICOMA MAO concrete mixers are available in a variety of models including the MAO2000, MAO3000, MAO3000M, MAO4500 and more. These mixing machines have different power and capacity and are suitable for different application scenarios. Taking SICOMA MAO3000 as an example, it is a large capacity mixing mainframe with high efficient mixing technology and high strength wheel design, which can realize fast and uniform mixing. At the same time, the SICOMA cement mixer is also equipped with an electronic control system, which enables fully automated production and highly reliable operation control.

The working principle of the SICOMA cement mixer is mainly through the motor driving the reducer, and then the reducer drives the mixing shaft to rotate in one direction. During this process, the mixing blades on the mixing shaft of SICOMA concrete mixer stir the material. Due to the role of the spiral angle of rise, the shovel blade will make the material in the direction of the rotation of the mixing shaft will be pushed to realize the circulation of the material, so that the material will be fully stirred to achieve the ideal mixing effect.

The technology used in SICOMA cement mixers mainly includes high efficiency mixing technology, high strength wheel design and electronic control system design.

Efficient Mixing Technology:

The advanced mixing technology adopted by SICOMA concrete mixers enables materials with different densities, viscosities, surface tensions and fluidity to reach the optimal mixing state, which greatly improves product quality.

High Strength Wheel Design:

When the Sicoma concrete mixer is in operation, the wheel is subjected to a large amount of vibration and impact. The use of high-strength materials and optimized structural design ensures that the mixer operates stably for a long period of time.

Electronic control system design:

This technology allows for easy operation and effective control of the workflow.

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