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Sicoma concrete mixer manufacturer

June 26, 2018

Sicoma concrete mixer is a famous brand, the product has high quality and great performance. As a sicoma concrete mixer manufacturer in china, Haomei has find many advantages that sicoma concrete mixers have, and also that are what the customers concerned. The unique advantages of sicoma concrete mixers are:

sicoma concrete mixer manufacturer1. Quadruple shaft end seal
Two steel shaft protection rings are used between the side stirring arm and the shaft head to prevent coarser sand from entering. An air passage is opened in the steel rim. When a certain pressure of air is introduced into the air passage, an air pressure protection mat is formed at the contact surface between the side agitating arm and the shaft head, so that the water and the mud do not approach the shaft head, thereby prolonging the service life of the sicoma concrete mixer.

2. 24DC concrete mixer special centralized lubricant pump
Built-in PCB board control, comes with dual LED display, independent programming, which is easy operation and accurate. 24DC motor imported from Germany, excellent performance, high water resistance, long service life. Motor suitable for use in harsh environments, engineering temperature: 60 °C to -30 °C. Output ultra-high pressure, output distance up to 50 meters. Various labeling greases can be used. Up to 4 pump cores can be connected at the same time to supply oil to the shaft head independently.

3.Discharge lock
The use of advanced hydraulic drive equipment prevents the concrete mixer from discharging due to lack of pneumatics when the pneumatic door is unloaded. The lack of material gate has a number of switches, convenient for pouring concrete to the transit mixer. Double discharge mode, when power is cut off, manual discharge control can be enabled, which is safe and reliable.

4.Contact switch
Imported induction switch is reliable and durable.

The speed reducer and oil seal system are all designed and produced by SICOMA concrete mixer manufacturer. They can also work smoothly, have a long service life, low noise and no oil leakage.

6.Independent monitoring system
Can monitor the gearbox oil, temperature, discharge pump oil quantity, temperature and the working status of the lubricant pump. A monitor and an alarm device that can be added in the operation room are provided. When an abnormal operation condition occurs, the alarm device automatically warns and can be remotely monitored in the operation room.

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