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The Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile

May 18, 2021

The asphalt mixing plant mobile equipment have the advantages of easy move, fast installation and high efficiency burner. There are two types of asphalt mixing plants, mobile type and stationary type. Choosing between the two type is fairly easy: do you need to move your asphalt mixing plant? If so, how often will it move? An indisputable rule is that the cost of a mobile asphalt mixing plant is slightly higher than its fixed asphalt mixing plant. If you only need to move your asphalt mixing plant equipment once every few years, the cost of mobile asphalt plant equipment may be higher than the cost of moving stationary asphalt plant equipment. Companies that plan to relocate their factories several times a year must purchase portable asphalt mixing plant. You can pay the cost difference of self-installation in about two years.

asphalt mixing plant mobile

To buy a set of asphalt mixing plant mobile, we should know the output of asphalt mixing plant. The best decision is for a factory to adjust to the company’s busiest month average. New mobile asphalt mixing plant companies without production records must analyze their markets and make decisions. If you think you can sell 3,000 tons a day 10% of the time, and 1,000 tons a day in the rest of the production season, then the equipment output must be considered from 200t/h to 400t/h.


Compared with second-hand equipment, the advantages of the new asphalt mixing plant mobile equipment are obvious: it is brand new, so there is no doubt about its condition. It has comprehensive factory support, and the factory will assist you to install and start its factory. This is a real advantage for companies that are new to the asphalt mixing plant. Second-hand sued asphalt mixing plant also have advantages, and they can be quite cheap. But pay attention to whether the equipment is abused, so as to avoid frequent problems in future use.

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