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Automatic brick making plant

March 24, 2020

Build an automatic brick making plant can reduce labor cost and improve the production efficiency and save energy. In real life, we can see that many brick making machine manufacturers are selling full-automatic concrete brick making machine equipment. When the brick and block making company purchases the equipment, it can understand the specific use method. Only the orderly operation can guarantee the smooth production process. In the following, we will introduce which aspects should be paid more attention to when you want the brick to leave the factory smoothly.

automatic brick making plant

First of all, operators should not wear gloves to work when using the full-automatic brick making machine equipment, which is not understood by many friends, because this may cause the blocking of raw materials, but also in the process of use to avoid reaching into the filler, and should pay more attention to the anti ejected debris inside the equipment not to hit the face. At the end of the operation, the brick making machine equipment should be kept working for two or three minutes, and should not be shut down immediately, which is not conducive to the quiet discharge of internal materials, and cleaning work should be done well after the shutdown.


Secondly, after the fully automatic brick making plant equipment is used for more than 100 hours, it is necessary to clean up some trivial substances accumulated inside in time, and change the oil regularly. When using, it is necessary to let the equipment run for a few minutes first. The staff can check carefully to see how the rotor turns and whether the sound is kept in the normal state. If it is found that The existing additional speed can also wait for the speed to be stable before operation.


Third, before using the automatic brick making plant for feeding, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are foreign matters such as metal mixed in the raw materials, so as to protect the equipment from damage as much as possible. Some bolts linked to the unit should be timely imprisoned to ensure its smooth operation.

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