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Fly ash brick making machine suppliers

March 31, 2020

Fly ash brick making machine suppliers in China supply automatic brick machine which saves your cost, energy, time, labor and raw material. Automatic brick making machine production line equipment, in the design of full consideration of the wide applicability of raw materials, in addition to ordinary sand and stone, but also effective use of fly ash, slag, tailings and other industrial waste, production of various walls, standard bricks, color floor tiles, curbstones, flower walls, flower lattice, lawn blocks, airport and container terminal special bricks.

fly ash brick making machine suppliers

The produced fly ash bricks size is accurate and the quality is excellent, the fly ash brick making machine equipment is multi-purpose, and the process is compatible. The equipment can consume a lot of fly ash, convert the waste into environmental protection products, and also make some profits. Fly ash brick making machine is the main equipment for producing fly ash autoclaved brick. The fly ash brick making machine is made of fly ash or slag or lime sand as raw material, adding lime, gypsum and aggregate, through the technology of embryo material preparation, pressing molding, steam curing, etc.


Make full use of such wastes as fly ash, coal gangue, ore slag, stone powder, tailings sand and construction waste, so as to save land resources, protect the environment and solve pollution problems. Our company is one of the fly ash brick making machine suppliers of a series of complete sets of brick equipment such as fly ash brick equipment, concrete brick machine, hollow brick machine and supporting production equipment, which brings considerable economic benefits to the majority of users.

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