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Large cement mixer for sale

April 3, 2020

The large cement mixer for sale produced by Haomei Machinery is calculated strictly by the engineer at all times, which can meet our mixing work of mixing concrete and other mixed materials. The mixing bucket is equipped with a full set of high wear-resistant linings, which adopts trapezoidal design. The premise of maintenance and adjustment in accordance with specifications. The service life can exceed 70,000 cans, and customers can use it with confidence.

large cement mixer for sale

The volume of cement mixer is 500L-4000L, while the large cement mixer for sale is about 1500L-4000L, large concrete mixers are usually used in ready mix concrete batching plant as the mixing machine. Common accessories for large-scale cement mixer for sale are: lifting bucket wheels, mixing arms, blades, hopper stoppers, and liners. Usually mixing arms, blades and liners are wearing parts and should be replaced in time during construction. There are also seals, reducer accessories and other disc valve sealing rubber rings, oil pressure gauges, special bearings, V-belts, filter elements (pulse), filter elements (triangles), siren alarm lights, red rubber tubes (soft connection tubes), liquid flow Valve assembly, tee, high pressure connector, water weighing sensor, admixture sensor, cement sensor, silo sensor, main unit air pressure solenoid valve (import), main unit air pressure solenoid valve, pressure regulator, main unit Dust filter element, air compressor filter element, discharge door signal switch, electronically controlled directional valve, cutting ring eyeglass plate, gate valve assembly, wear-resistant strip, wear-resistant circle, supporting wheel, shaft head shell, end cover and so on.

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