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Professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer

April 8, 2020

Haomei is a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer based in China with over 20 years’ experience on construction equipment manufacturing and export. HZS35 small concrete mixing plant can be said to be a simple mixing plant. It is easy to install, disassemble, operate and transport. It can mix a variety of raw materials such as dry hard and plastic. It has a small investment and a large benefit. selected. Structure composition of HZS35 concrete mixing plant is JS750 + PLD1200 batching machine + cement weighing + water weighing + additive weighing + screw conveyor + cement silo + centralized control.

concrete mixing plant manufacturer

The equipment production process of JS750 concrete mixing plant are:

1, Aggregate is stored in the batching bin, according to the aggregate ratio adjusted by the user, it is transported to the weighing hopper using a conveyor belt, and then transferred to the lifting bucket or inclined belt conveyor using the conveyor belt under the weighing hopper of concrete mixing plant.

2, Cement is stored in a cement silo, transported with a screw conveyor, and measured with a cement scale.

3, The water is stored in the water tank and reservoir, supplied by the water pump, and measured with a water gauge.

4, After the liquid admixture is evenly mixed in the admixture storage tank, it is pumped to the admixture scale by the corrosion-resistant pump for measurement.

5, Cement and fly ash are fed into the cement measuring hopper through a screw conveyor. When the conveying amount is the same as the set value, the microcomputer sends a signal to stop the conveying, controlling the pneumatic butterfly valve at the bottom of the cement measuring hopper, so that the material in the cement hopper enters the concrete mixer.

6, The entire batching and mixing process is automatically completed by the electronic control system (also can be manually controlled). After all the materials are discharged into the JS750 dual horizontal shaft forced mixer, the mixing timing starts. When the mixing time is up, the discharge door opens to discharge and complete the mixing process.


For concrete mixing plant manufacturer with advanced technology, the measurement is accurate and the mixing circle time is 60s, the mixing efficiency is quite high.

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