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Automatic concrete mixer machine for sale

October 28, 2019

JS twin shaft automatic concrete mixer machine are known for the high reliability, high efficiency, environmental protection and trouble-free. The performance, working efficiency and wear resistance of JS twin shaft concrete mixer are higher than those of other brands. After running for months, there is no failure in the concrete mixer, the shaft end seal still uses the factory accessories, and the scraper surface still retains the factory anti-wear materials.

automatic concrete mixer machine

The scraper and the lining are the consumable parts of the concrete mixer machine. They have always been the highest cost of the maintenance cost of the concrete mixing equipment. The ordinary concrete mixer produces tens of thousands of cubic meters of concrete and has to replace the scraper and the lining, which not only affects the production, but also causes very big cost. The production of JS concrete mixer not only does not replace scrapers and liners, but most of the scrapers and liners wear very little, the overall performance has not been affected.


Compared with other traditional casting scrapers, Haomei concrete mixer adopt high wear-resistant alloy scraper has 2 to 3 times better wear resistance and 1.5 times longer life than ordinary scraper. The anti-fragmentation and wear resistance performance are better and has longer service life. The outer surface of automatic concrete mixer machine high wear-resistant alloy lining is made of composite chrome carbide and lanthanum carbide alloy. The service life is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary lining, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the parts and reduces the replacements number of lining and reduces maintenance costs.

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