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Industry leading batching plant suppliers

November 5, 2019

Haomei is one of the industry leading batching plant suppliers in China with over 20 years experience, we supply free training and great after sales service. The long service life and high performance make Haomei concrete batching plant win good reputation in Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. From small construction project and large ready mix concrete enterprise, we can see Haomei concrete batching plants, we supply different models of batching plant for our customers for different application.

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According to different process layouts, concrete batching plant generally divided into first-order and second-order. The first-order refers to lifting the aggregate of sand and gravel, cement, etc. to the top of the batching plant, and the various materials are self-contained according to the production process, discharge from the bottom, more common in the concrete mixing station. The second order is related to the first order. After the aggregate is weighed, it is lifted to the concrete mixer. Although the cover area is large, the mixing efficiency is slightly lower than the first-order type. However, the disassembly and assembly of the second order type is low, the device is easy, and it is widely used.

According to the weighing method, concrete batching plant is divided into independent weighing and cumulative weighing methods. Separate weighing will be equipped with separate weighing units for each material. After weighing independent, it will participate in the internal mixing of the concrete mixer. This weighing method has high precision, but the design is complicated, the cost is high. The cumulative weighing is to participate in all the aggregates in the unified hopper, which is more likely to accumulate errors, and the more the number of batching bins, the easier it is to bias, which is not suitable for large-scale projects. However, the structural design is simple and the cost is low.


According to the concrete mixer method, the mixing host is divided into self-falling and forced type. The self-falling type is the application of material gravity, so that the material mixing and stirring when it is falling. The concrete mixer is cheap and has a simple structure, but the mixing effect is poor, and the quality of the concrete is not easy to reach the standard. The forced mixing station, ie HZS series concrete batching plants, is the main mixing equipment of the major batching plant suppliers. It is equipped with a forced concrete mixer, the mixing efficiency is high and the mixing cycle is short, the mixing arm is used to force the material to be stirred and the mixing quality is improved.

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