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Batching Plant Components

June 21, 2022

With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the use of concrete has increased, and there are many places that do not allow on-site mixing of concrete, which is easy to pollute the environment. Therefore, the use of commercial mixing is very large, so the construction of commercial concrete batching plant has become a very good investment project. So what are the batching plant components needed to build a commercial mixing plant?

The commercial concrete mixing plant is an enterprise whose main purpose is to produce and sell concrete raw materials. The composition and basics of the commercial mixing plant and the engineering mixing plant are the same, and batching plant components are divided into mixing systems, batching systems, conveying systems, and weighing systems, cement silos and other parts.

batching plant components

1, Stirring system

The mixing system of the commercial batching plant adopts JS twin-shaft forced mixer. This series of concrete mixers have high production efficiency, uniform mixing and good production quality. The forced mixer consists of mixing host, main reducer, main motor, lifting reducer, lifting motor, manual oil pump, water pump, hydraulic station group, supplementary plate and blade, chassis, outrigger, material receiving funnel, walking platform, guide rail, Guardrails, ladders, etc.

2, Batching system

The aggregate batching system adopts a PLD batching machine, which is divided into 2-4 bins, and can be configured with a variety of aggregates at one time. The concrete batching machine is composed of a batching machine belt conveyor, a steel frame, a transmission motor, a weighing bucket, a storage bin, and outriggers.

3, Cement silo

The cement tanks used in general commercial concrete batching plant are vertical cylindrical cement tanks. The main function of the cement tank is to store powder materials of different specifications, such as cement, fly ash, etc. This equipment has a large capacity and good sealing performance, and is conveyed to the host by a screw.

4, Control system

Most of the control systems of commercial mixing plants use advanced computer technology, which can be controlled automatically or manually, which is easy to master and easy to operate. During the operation of the entire concrete mixing plant, the operating status of each component can be understood, which is convenient for storage. and print report data.

5, Admixture weighing system

The admixture metering system is composed of an admixture metering box, a bracket, a water pump, a pneumatic butterfly valve, an admixture pump, a water supply pipeline, and a valve.

6, Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is used to transport the powder. The powder in the cement tank is transported to the mixer through the screw conveyor. Because it is transported in a fully enclosed manner, there is no pollution.


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