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Machine For Making Hollow Blocks

June 14, 2022

Machine for making hollow blocks combining three new technologies as machine, electrical and hydraulic linkage, in this safe and reliable operation mode, after automatic control of the program, the molds will be continuously replaced and various types of cement bricks will be produced. Therefore, the system of hollow block making machine is comprehensive and complete, and such technical advantages can be better grasped in the production process, so the production functions are complete. Judging from this feature, it even brings the upgrade mode of the block making machine.

machine for making hollow blocks

The performance of hydraulic type machine for making hollow blocks are:

1, The automatic hydraulic hollow block making machine adopts the structure of five beams and four columns, and the mold frame is fixed on the middle fixed beam. The upper and lower indenters are respectively fixed on the upper and lower movable beams. The brick making machine is driven by the main oil cylinder fixed in the upper and lower fixed beams, and the upper and lower movable beams pressurize the bricks in both directions. Make sure the bricks are dense. Because the upper and lower punches are fixed on the upper and lower movable beams, and the upper and lower movable beams are precisely machined, the four-column guide rods slide and run, which fundamentally solves the possibility of the punches colliding with each other. The brick machine not only runs at a high speed, but also has little wear on the seal of the main oil cylinder. Not easy to damage and leak, low failure rate.

2, The hydraulic system of the hollow block making machine is a double pump and double circuit, and a professional combined valve block is used to realize the working cycle of filling, exhausting, pressurizing and demoulding.

3, The hydraulic oil tank of the block making machine is equipped with automatic oil temperature heating, cooling system and oil purifier device, and adopts multiple continuous filtration to ensure the use conditions of hydraulic oil.

4, The feeding hopper of the concrete hollow block making machine is equipped with a material level gauge and an opening and closing door cylinder to realize the automatic opening and closing of the hopper door to ensure uniform feeding into the cloth box. The automatic cloth trolley adopts a volumetric feeding method and is equipped with a forced stirring mechanism to ensure uniform cloth and improve cloth efficiency.

5, Standard bricks, blind hole bricks and hollow bricks of different specifications can be produced in machine for making hollow blocks by changing the mold.

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