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Model: QT series
Molding cycle: 15-20S
Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr
Power: 20-48kw

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Hollow block making machine forms the hollow blocks relying on the hydraulic transmission, and it has features of low noise, high production output, and extensive applications. The concrete hollow block made by the hydraulic type hollow block machine has high compactness.

Brick/Block Size 9″ x 4″ x3″,10″ x 5″ x3″,8″ x 4″ x4″
Brick Raw Material Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Stone Dust, Gysum, Lime Sludge,etc
Usage/Application For Making,Fly ash bricks,Concrete Blocks,Paver Blocks,Solid Blocks, Cement Blocks, Hollow Blocks
No. Of Bricks Per Stroke 4, 6, 8, 10,12, 14, 16 Pcs
Pallets Size 22″ x 23″ x 19mm (Thickness)
Automation Grade Semi or Fully Automatic
Brick/Block Type Solid, Interlock, Hollow, Paver
Method Hydraulic Pressure
System  PLC Controlled
Capacity(Blocks/Bricks ) 1000-4000 pcs per hour
Capacity per 8 Hours 6000pcs to 40000 pcs
Voltage 440 Volt
Space Required 30 ft ( L) x 25 ft (W) x 16 Ft (H)
Total Power Required 22 HP to 50 HP
Material Mild Steel
Accessories Main Press Machine with Vibrator System, Rollers Pan Mixture, Belt Conveyor, Bearing Conveyor, Electronic Control Panel, Hydraulic Power Pack, Material Trolley, Hydraulic Pallets trolley.
Treatment Time of Bricks/Blocks Minimum of 7- 8 Days

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Technical advantages of QT hollow block making machine

♦ 1. Make full use of advanced electronic control technology and reliable hydraulic system to collect the electric and hydraulic pressure in one, and realize the fully automatic PLC control, easy operation.

♦ 2. The oil consumption volume is adjusted by the imported unique proportional valves, to realize the precisely control of all actions from all direction, and make the operation more reliable and sensitive.

♦ 3. Perfect hydraulic motor make the machine have higher pressure and vibration force, but with low noise. The hollow blocks produced have higher density and strength.

♦ 4. This hollow blocks machine can use wide range of raw material, besides cement and sand, also fly ash, cinder, construction waste and some household waste.

♦ 5. The mould is replaceable to produce different kinds of hollow block, pavers and curbstone.

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The using advantages of hollow brick machine:

1. Hollow brick machine has become more and more popular in most countries.
Since the blocks have more advantages than original red blocks for the high intensity, good performance of waterproof, antifreeze and anti fire. Researches have showed that hollow blocks are more suitable for construction industry.

2. Protect land resources.
By making full use of industrial residuals, fly ash, cinder and construction waste, concrete hollow block maker has played an imperative role in recycling the waste. Therefore, hollow block machine can largely improve the problems of slathering use of land that traditional brick making machine has.

3. Reasonable structure.
Our hollow blocks machine for sale has lots of good characteristics of reasonable structure, high pressure, full enclosed automatic circulation lubrication, and automatic feeding function.

Model Dimensions Weight Molding cycle Pallet size Power The highest frequency
QT3-15 4100×1600×3000mm 4.5t 15-20S 730×580×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT4-15 5420×1550×2940mm 6.5t 15-20S 850×570×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT6-15 6350×1680×2850mm 8t 15-20S 850×700×25mm 29kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT8-15 4750×2000×2950mm 10t 15-20S 1080×700×25mm 33.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT10-15 8200×2000×2950mm 11t 15-20S 1150×840×40 36.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT12-15 8200×2300×3000 13t 15-20S 1310×840×40mm 46kw 4800-5100(r/min)
QT15-15 5700×2500×3400 16t 15-20S 1320×1100mm 48kw 4800-5100(r/min)
Theoretical yield table
Model Product name Product specifications Number per plate Block/h Block/8h
QT3-15 block 390×190×190 3 540 4320
brick 240×115×90 11 1980 15840
standard bricks 240×115×53 22 3960 31680
QT4-15 block 390×190×190 4 720 5760
brick 240×115×90 12--14 2160--2520 17280--20160
standard bricks 240×115×53 24--26 4320--4680 34560--37440
QT6-15 block 390×190×190 6 1400-1080 11520-8640
brick 240×115×90 15 3600-2700 28800-21600
standard bricks 240×115×53 36 7920-5940 63360-47520
QT8-15 block 390×190×190 8 1920-1440 15360-11520
brick 240×115×90 22 5040-3780 40320-30240
standard bricks 240×115×53 45 10080-7560 80640-60480
QT10-15 block 390×190×190 10 2400-1800 19200-14400
brick 240×115×90 27 5760-4320 46086-34560
standard bricks 240×115×53 54 12240-9180 97920-73400
QT12-15 block 390×190×190 12 2160 17280
brick 240×115×90 30 7200 57600
standard bricks 240×115×53 60 14400 115200
QT15-15 block 390×190×190 15 2700 21600
brick 240×115×90 40 9600 76800
standard bricks 240×115×53 80 19200 153600

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