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Technical measures for batching plant for sale

April 18, 2019

HZS series batching plant for sale is famous in the construction market because of the high mixing efficiency and reliable stability. The working stability of concrete batching plant is related to the developed technology and the civil engineers experience. What are the measures to enhance the reliability of the concrete batching plants?

batching plant for sale

In order to improve the reliability of the concrete batching plant system, the following measures were taken in the design:
1. The PLC is powered separately and the ground wire is grounded separately.
2. The power supply of the industrial computer and the weak current part is passed through the online 500W UPS, which not only purifies the weak power supply, but also ensures that the industrial computer will not lose data due to sudden power failure.
3. The grounding resistance of the whole system of the concrete batching plant for sale is required to be less than 1Ω.
4. The control output and alarm input in the industrial computer and weight meter all adopt photoelectric isolation technology to effectively prevent external interference signals from entering.
5. The AC contactor is fully equipped with RC absorption.
6. The intermediate relay line package is all equipped with a diode absorption circuit.
7. All kinds of weak current transmission cables are shielded, and the shield is grounded at one end. Using the n-recovery curve method to adjust the drop tracking type, it can be automatically corrected during the production process, or a fixed drop can be set. The HZS batching plant for sale ensures that the aggregate error is within ±2%, while other powders are within ±1%. By pre-processing the data, it is possible to increase the efficiency by weighing in advance in continuous production.

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