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Professional batching plant to make the building greener

September 6, 2018

Remember the dusty construction site with endless rumbling concrete mixer? Still using the batching plant with backward concrete mixer that you can’t avoid but have to use? These problems will be disappear soon! A new generation of cement concrete batching plant has been born, in addition to the greatly improved production capacity, it also has the most insignificant and eye-catching point: environmental protection!

batching plant

The new type batching plant breaks the shortcomings inherent in the conventional concrete mixing machine, and effectively achieves breakthroughs in controlling dust, waste water, noise and solid waste. In view of the above-mentioned pollution, the concrete batching plant adopts closed mixing, closed treatment, drainage ditch in the station, three-stage sedimentation tank, enhanced maintenance and overhaul, and built-in garbage pool to improve and upgrade, so as to achieve real concrete green production. No matter in which country, the environmental batching plant is the trend and will be welcomed by the construction projects.

Environmental protection is an important concern in the economic development of the world today, and it is the focus of sustainable development. Building a civilized batching plant, pursuing and realizing green concrete production, and completing each environmental protection content during acceptance, meeting every environmental protection standard at the time of acceptance.

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