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Stationary concrete mixer plant factory help you with calibration

August 27, 2018

How to carry out the calibration is an significant aspects in many stationary concrete mixer plants factory. The weighing accuracy is the permission of normal production and ensure the produced concrete quality. Today we will help you to calibrate the concrete mixer plant.

stationary concrete mixer plant factory

As the name implies, the calibration is the accuracy of the calibration. The weighing system of stationary concrete mixer plant factory has the allowable error range of sand and gravel aggregates ±2%, the allowable error range of water weighing is ±2%, and the allowable error range of cement weighing is ±2%. The allowable error range of fly ash weighing is ±2%, and the allowable error range of admixture weighing is ±1%. Below we give an example of sandstone aggregate calibration.

Usually, there are four gravel aggregate batching machines in the stationary concrete mixing plant, two stone hoppers and two sand hoppers. Before the calibration, first prepare a 200 kg fixed weight object. First, calibrate the No.1 stone hopper. Put 200 kg of objects into the stone hopper weighing bucket, and then let the control room operator manually weigh the stone hopper, and stop when the allowable error range is reached. If the calibration result does not meet the requirements, it can be performed multiple times until the result to be within the allowable error range. The operation methods of other stone and sand hoppers can be carried out in the same way. After all the weighing s are calibrated, the calibration of the whole concrete mixer plant is completed.

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