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Stationary concrete mixing plant factory teach you to establish foundation

August 20, 2018

The construction of the stationary concrete mixing plant is the same as a project, considering the characteristics of the structure and the cost, the foundation and underground structure planning is very important. As long as the foundation is solid, the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant can be guaranteed. Therefore, the construction of concrete mixing plants has high requirements for underground structure planning, as stationary concrete mixing plant factory in China, we can give you some suggestions.

stationary concrete mixing plant factory

These requests are mainly reflected in:
1, The accuracy of the construction plan.
Before planning work, it is necessary to understand the planning requirements, site environment, geological conditions and other factors, and then integrate common knowledge such as mechanical and electrical planning. After repeated careful accounting and verification, make a reasonable plan, and then conduct a rigorous review process. It will be put into construction later.
2, The planning should be
If the construction period is not very tense and the construction scale is not very large, the drawings with larger maps should be selected as much as possible to ensure clarity and accuracy, so as to facilitate the smooth operation of the construction work.
3, Normative requests.
To understand the construction conditions and geological conditions of the site, the allowable compressive stress on the ground of the stationary concrete mixing plant and the underground structure is usually 0.2-0.3 MPa, and the corresponding specifications of the base strength specifications are selected and accounted for.

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