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Batching plant factory help you select suitable models

August 14, 2018

Each concrete batching plant has an independent construction environment and construction policy. When selecting equipment form the concrete batching plant factory, the impact of the construction policy and the construction environment should be fully considered, and then the  smooth construction and the construction quality can be ensured. As a batching plant factory in China, we recommend that you be prepared under the following conditions.

batching plant factory

1, When the construction site needs a large amount of concrete with one-time pouring, the mixing time is more than 12 hours, and the quality of the concrete is high, and there is no supporting batching plant nearby, you can choose two mini concrete batching plant, perhaps choosing a master and a pair of two mixing machine batching plant is a better way.
2, When the construction site traffic is inconvenient, it takes a lot of time for the repair personnel to enter and leave the construction site. You can choose to use the same small-standard two-mixing-machine station, or prepare satisfactory spare parts, and then ensure the smooth progress of the construction.
3, When the construction sites are scattered, but the distance between the construction sites is not too far, the transportation radius of the concrete transit mixers does not exceed half an hour’s drive, and the dump truck transportation does not exceed 10 minutes. The concrete batching plant factory suggest multi models to central mixing to improve the utilization rate of the batching plant and the construction economic benefits.

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