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10 principles of select china concrete batching plant factory

August 6, 2018

China concrete batching plant factory is famous in the world for low price and sincere service. To find a trusted concrete batching plant factory in China needs some technical skills. Learn about the principles of choosing suppliers are benefit for finding professional manufacturers. Here are 10 principles of supplier choosing.

china concrete batching plant factory

1: the principle of system comprehensiveness, the establishment and use of a comprehensive system of evaluation systems.
2: the principle of concise scientific, the supplier evaluation, selection steps and selection process should be transparent, institutionalized and scientific.
3: the principle of stability and comparability, the evaluation system should be stable, the standards should be unified, and subjective factors should be reduced.
4: the principle of flexible operability, supplier evaluation in different industries, enterprises, product requirements and different environments should be different and maintain a certain degree of flexibility.
5: the principle of door-to-door, the size and level of concrete batching plant factory are comparable to those of buyers.
6: the principle of half ratio, the number of purchases does not exceed 50% of the supplier’s capacity, against suppliers who supply the full amount.
7: the principle of quantity control of supply sources, the number of suppliers of similar materials is about 2~3, which are divided into primary and secondary suppliers.
8: the principle of supply chain strategy, develop supply chain strategic partnerships with key suppliers.
9: the principle of learning and update, indicators for evaluation, targets for benchmarking, and tools and techniques for evaluation are required constantly updated.
10: the principle of comprehensive understanding, the production status, business reputation, delivery ability of the china concrete batching plant factory directly determine the depth and breadth of cooperation with suppliers.

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