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Beton Batching Plant Price

February 13, 2023

There are many friends who want to know beton batching plant price, and the options of concrete batching plant is mainly depends on this issue. So Haomei Machinery has sorted out some information about “how much does a beton batching plant coat to invest?” to share with you, hope to help you.


1, Equipment investment

Beton batching plant have relatively high configuration requirements. Concrete mixing plants must not only be equipped with facilities, but also invest in dust removal, waste water slag discharge, and noise control. The equipment cost of a large concrete batching plant is basically more than 1 million.

2, Rental costs

The land rent is mainly related to the construction site of the beton batching plant price. In big cities, every inch of land is expensive, and the rent is naturally higher. Rural land is cheap, and if you own the land, you don’t need to spend money at all. Generally speaking, the large scale concrete batching plant covers an area of about 65 mu, the medium sized one is about 5 mu, and the smaller one is generally not restricted by the terrain, just reserve an open space.

3, Land fee and construction fee

In addition to the rental cost, the beton batching plant also needs to build an office, a warehouse for storing materials, a staff dormitory building, and a laboratory. The construction cost starts at about 0.5 million.

4, Equipment cost

Auxiliary equipment and facilities, concrete pumps, loaders, which is what everyone calls a forklift, one sand and gravel separator, three sewage purification tanks, concrete mixer trucks add up to about 100,000.

5, Other expenses

In addition to the basic beton batching plant price, there are also external investment costs such as the cost of concrete admixtures, the cost of sand and gravel aggregates, and other various cost inputs. In addition, oil tank trucks, pump trucks, mixer trucks, etc. are also required. According to the model and scale of the mixing plant, a certain investment in equipment and vehicles is required. This cost will add up to about 1 million.


The above five points are an introduction to the beton batching plant price. Generally speaking, the total investment of concrete batching plant is more than 0.5-2.5 million. It can be seen that the investment cost of beton bathing plant is still relatively high.

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