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Concrete Mixing Plant SICOMA

February 21, 2023

The concrete mixing plant sicoma select SICOMA concrete mixer as the main mixing machine, with high productivity, high efficiency and high performance. SICOMA’s standard twin shaf concrete mixer, with its leading technology and reliable quality, firmly occupies the leading position in the concrete mixer industry. SICOMA concrete mixing plant have high reliability, high efficiency and low maintenance cost. The maintenance of the sicoma concrete batching plant is an effective means to restore its technical performance and prolong its service life. Improper maintenance will reduce reliability, reduce service life, and even cause mechanical accidents.

concrete mixing plant sicoma

The forced concrete mixer has obvious advantages because its working principle is different from the traditional mixer. The mixer is driven by the motor to rotate the stirring shaft to mix the materials. By controlling the speed of the cement mixer and the time of primary mixing through computer operation, the mixing force of the equipment is stronger, the mixing of materials is more uniform, and the quality of the finished product naturally produced is better. In addition, the forced concrete mixer can run continuously, which not only greatly improves the overall production efficiency of sicoma concrete batching plant, but also uses a belt conveyor for material transportation, which increases the safety of the concrete mixing plant.


Haomei Machinery adheres to the spirit of professional dedication and excellence, and practices the guideline of “Quality is the cornerstone of corporate reputation”. Starting from the product quality to manufacture concrete mixing plant sicoma, taking the needs of customers as the source of production, sicoma concrete mixing plants have good user evaluation. Adhere to the production principle of “quality wins”, and strive to provide satisfactory and assured products for customers who want to buy concrete mixing plants.


The concrete mixing plant sicoma produced is mainly used in concrete production, with excellent materials, excellent product quality and exquisite workmanship.

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