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Sicoma concrete batching plant

November 17, 2020

The sicoma concrete batching plant is suitable for the construction of concrete, large-scale engineering, roads, airports, hydropower and other projects. In addition, the concrete batching plant with sicoma mixer is also applied in prefabricated components and cement component products and other concrete centralized mixing places. Because the configuration is different, the price of concrete batching plant varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the specific configuration such as the discharging method and the discharging degree all affect the price of the sicoma batching plant.

sicoma concrete batching plant

The safety inspection of the sicoma concrete batching plant of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer includes: the upper and lower limits of the hopper and the action of each limit switch should be sensitive and reliable; the wire rope of the upper hopper should comply with the relevant regulations of the regulations; all protective covers and safety protection facilities should be complete, Intact and reliable; the PE wire connected to the lightning protection grounding equipment should be repeatedly grounded at the same time, and its grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω; suitable fire extinguishing equipment should be equipped in concrete batching plant; the leakage protector parameters should be matched, the installation should be correct, and the action should be sensitive and reliable .

The price of sicoma concrete batching plant of concrete mixing plant manufacturers is a concern for everyone to purchase equipment. When purchasing the sicoma batching plant of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer, the concrete mixing plant manufacturer that meets his own price will first consider it. This is of course the basic buying point of view of every consumer. But as mechanical equipment, what factors determine the price of the mixing plant of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer? The equipment of the mixing plant of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer ranges from one million to several thousand. They are all large-scale mechanical equipment. When buying, you need to make judgments on these three items: product quality, product price and after-sales service.

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